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Wave 4 Review & Poll: The newest wave is being released this week with a mixture of different figures.  Some we have see before as repaints, while others are brand new characters.  With the Venomous Maximus and Dr. Talbot figures, you can act out scenes from the new movie. Check out the review and take the poll.





 Happy Birthday Web Camp:  On September 29th, The Web Camp turned 5 years old!   Thanks to everyone who has supported this website with news and pictures.  It has been a lot of fun connecting with other G.I. Joe collectors.  Here is to another 5 years....Cheers!


Valor vs. Venom: A new direction is upon us.  G.I.  Joe is making a theme change from Spy Troops to Valor vs. Venom.  T.N.T. has reviewed 12 of the new figures and posted pics.  Be sure to take the poll and let us know where you stand on Valor vs Venom (12/03/03)


REVIEW: Check out our full Python Patrol review of concept, and color design.  See close up images of figures and file cards.  Take the poll and let us know what you think. (05/31/03).


Roger Taft displays his custom talents: Check out our newest custom section filled with 25 customs.  There is a wide variety of figures, plus a solid focus on the Oktober Guard characters.  So check them out.  Then break out your paint set, modeling clay, and file to create your own customs. 

International Price Guide Milestone:  Today marks our 3rd anniversary since we first created and posted prices for International G.I. Joe toys.  We've done many price changes over the past 3 years, and we have to give thanks to all the our contributors for their knowledge and support.  Thank You! (05/30/03)

T.N.T. reviews the new Tiger Force: Take a closer look at the new Toys R Us exclusive Tiger Force Set that is being released this month.  (01/10/03)




Snake Eyes w/ DVD Set: After a month of seeing this figure all over the internet, it has finally been determined that the Blue Snake Eyes w/ Timber will in fact be offered in the G.I. Joe DVD movie set.  There are 2 movies on this  DVD set.  The Original Mini Series(5 episodes), and Revenge of Cobra (also 5 episodes).  It will be released in May (12/18/02)




Review of Wave 3 : The Web Camp reviews the newest figures to hit the shelves.  We focus on the sculpting detail and overall concepts of each figure. (10/14/02)





Infiltration of Storm Shadow: That is a bold statement, but that is how we feel.  R&R explain why this book is a winner in their review of issue #8.  An exciting issue that leads us to a confrontation between Storm Shadow and Shake Eyes.  (08/20/02)



Variations Galore: We all know Hasbro is famous (notorious) for putting variations on Star Wars figures.  Well the Joes are no exception.  We ran across 2 figure variations on the Wave 1.5. Viper and Mirage.  So head back to the toy store and look again for these to "complete" your collection. (08/16/02)

Toy Review around the Corner: New collectors are coming into the collecting hobby daily thanks to all the media exposure the Joes are experiencing.   Whether it be the comics, toys or the cartoon reruns on Cartoon Network, new fans are joining us.  The Web Camp wants to feature some of the older toys that the new-comers might have missed.   Even the veterans will enjoy seeing some older toys brought back into the spotlight.  So if you want to see a toy reviewed, just let us know and we add put it through the review ringer. (07/18/02)






R&R Breaks Down #7: Familiar faces like Wetsuit  and Beach Head suit up and rejoin the action in our review of issue #7 . Take a look back at the last issue and get yourself prepared for issue #8 on sale now. (07/18/02)







WAVE 2 REVIEW: T.N.T.'s Web Camp does it again.  Head over to our Wave 2 Promotion and get a closer look at what is to come!  See our review and dissection of the new prototypes. (06/15/02)





Thoughts on Collecting : A new section opened today about the toy sales market.  There are commentaries regarding the sale of G.I. Joes from around the world. Check them out and gain some insight, or leave you own market commentary to share. (06/13/02)


Nostalgia is a great feeling: Devil's Due brings back Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander to their glory days of old. They show us why there is nothing like beating up your own teammates to get them to work for you.  I love it! R&R's Review will get you caught up before you read issue #7. (06/13/02)



Cobra Mortal...Where are you? The Web Camp is run by collectors, for collectors in mind.  We know how frustrating it is not to be able to find a figure you need. So we are back working on revamping the Rare Ranking Toy lists. It has been a year and a half since the update, and things have changed.   We are looking for a few collectors out there to help up increase the accuracy of our current lists. If you have ideas or comments please let us know. (06/12/02)


One shot takes a hit from R&R: Issue #5 had it's ups and downs. We explain the literal and figurative meaning behind this statement.  Check out the review of this action filled book.   (04/30/02)



R&R's take on #4: Roger and Ron put the finishing touches on the first story arc by Devil's Due.  Read about the good, the bad and the ugly things that went on inside this issue.  (04/06/02)



More additions: Thanks to those who have submitted their customs. More are now posted. Plus we have expanded the Custom Section to include vintage Action Force conversions.  Check them out and get inspired to do your own custom figures. (03/24/02)


Devil's Due at Mega Con: Artist and characters came out in force at the Mega Con in Orlando, FL. Check out T.N.T.'s  convention coverage for pictures and info on up coming events. (03/06/02)


Imagine it, then build it: The Custom Section opens with more entries waiting in the wings to be added.  So if you want to build a custom, we will post it for you.  Please email pictures and background info for us to post your customs.  (02/08/02)


#3 up for review: Destro is down, his son has taken over and Nano-mites are running rapid.  Check out what we think as R&R go to work on #3. (01/31/02)




12" Preview & Review: The Web Camp has scored 7 prototypes of soon to be released 12" line.  Be sure to check them out and decide if they will be on your toy wish list. (01/15/02)



Meet us at FX 2002: Not only will you find great G.I. Joe collectibles at the FX 2002 convention, but you will also find your fellow Joe collectors there too.  Click here to see how to get this cool shirt and meet up with other collectors like yourself. (01/18/02)


R&R breaks down #2: A very revealing second issues.  Devil's Due has  put out another excellent story for our heroes.(12/29/01)


All 6 Manimals for 2001: Check out the set of 6 prototypes of the Manimals line.   Half of them were never made.  See a piece of Joe history. (12/22/01)


2002 Joes in 2001: The new Joes are out in limited areas.   Early samples were found in Canada and Washington State.  It is reported that Target has the jump on the other stores.  So sit tight kids, the new Joes will be in your home town soon.(12/19/01)

2002 Contest Winners Posted: Head over to the 2002 Trivia Contest to see who won the contest. (12/17/01)

2002 Joes in package: Check out the finished product of what your 2002 Joes will look like on the store shelves. (12/03/01)



NEW 2002 Joes: Only T.N.T.'s Web Camp gives you what no one else can.  A complete close up review of the new 2002 figure sculpts and designs.  Plus you have a chance to win a new Wet-Suit prototype.  (11/29/01)

Take some R&R: Roger and Ron review the new comics from Devil's Due.  We break down the Good, Bad and the Ugly.  We applaud Devil's Due for their effort in bringing our Joes back to the comic scene. (11/18/01)


12" Scarlett : Our newest prototype page has opened  for the 12 inch figures. We still have several to post, but we kicked it off with a good one.  It is the one of a kind Scarlett in version 1 outfit.  It was suppose to be a staff convention exclusive, but read how fate had different plans. (10/12/01)

2 years of the Web Camp:  In September 1999 the Web Camp was created.  We grew from our exclusive International Toy Price guide into so much more.  Check out our  history of additions. Thanks to all the friends that have helped us along the way. See our newest contribution below. (10/08/01)

30th Anniversary Prototypes:  Special thanks to Lee Taylor for supplying us with pictures of his prototypes.  They are hand painted resins that might have been used in the press photo shoots. (10/08/01)


We'll fight for freedom:  September 11, 2001 is another day that will live in infamy.  Our prayers go out to the nation, and to the leaders that will lead us through this tragedy.  God bless America! (09/11/01)

We want to see you at your best: It is time for some recognition for all of you collectors out there.  We are giving space to our readers who send us a picture of themselves.  You may even profile some of your favorite or rare Joe items.  So head on over to the FAN FILES and  submit your entry today.  ( revised 09/11/01)

Everybody is doing it! : Why should we break from the traditional G.I. Joe fan sites out there.  We are now accepting pictures of your custom creations.  Please send a clear picture, along with a list of original parts used, as well as, character information to be place on a file card. EMAIL your customs today!   (09/02/01)

Wave 4 is Nation-Wide: A few weeks ago, select states like California, New York and Louisiana received the newest wave of figures.  By now, the distribution is catching up to the rest of the states.  So head down to the nearest toy store and pick up your wave 4.  (09/01/01)

Comic Con Profiles New Joes : Be sure to visit Yo Joe for their review of the new Joes in Waves 4,5, and 6.  Find out what other collectors think and post your thoughts on the Pit Newsgroup. (07/20/01)  

The Oktober Guard We Never Knew : Another exclusive from the Web Camp.  We have dug up the prototype Oktober Guard team that we were not meant to see.  Meet the Pravda Patrol through a comic ashcan from 1982.   Now 19 years later, we have uncovered the hidden origin behind our favorite Russian fighting team.  (07/15/01) 

Back to the Future? See the prototype figures what G.I. Joe would have been like in the mid 90's.  They were suppose to become a part of the 1995  series if Hasbro kept producing the RAH line.  Let Will Toomey take you on a trip back as he explains what the Joes might have been like by sharing the story of these awesome prototypes! (06/17/01)

 It is time to give back : We have all used Yo Joe! for our collecting needs.  Now it is time we show our appreciation.  Please see the links below of the images they need.  I am sure we can all pull together to help out our fellow Joe enthusiasts. (05/21/01)

Vehicle Needs  And   Figure Needs. Please contact Yo Joe! if you can help.


Licensing Notes:  We have just got in some Licensing prints and information produced by Hasbro.  These notes were given to a non-Hasbro company authorized to produce products with the G.I. Joe name.  Check out some very cool prints and info at the Licensing Production Notes section. Special thanks to Eugene at Yo Joe!  for spreading the news. (05/21/01)

Cobra Commander is unmasked! :  Thanks to an early production of a resin prototype,  you can finally see a full sculpt of the Commander's face.   See the Prototype  Gallery(04/16/01)



On March 13, 2004, legendary wrestling superstar Sgt. Slaughter was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) Hall of Fame.  He made his mark on the GI Joe universe by being the celebrity spokesman for the toy line and the cartoon.  The Sarge was incarnated into a cartoon character and several action figures.(03/13/04)


G.I. Joe's origins are found in "Fury Force":  Some original art pieces were discovered recently that has ties to the origin of G.I. Joe.  These characters were a part of "Fury Force", a concept from the legendary Larry Hama.  There can be several similarities drawn between the Joes and these early concept images. Now you can own a piece history.  Metropolis Collectibles is now responsible for brokering these art pieces at auction.  We contacted Ben Smith, Director of Marketing, to see how the bidding was going.  He states, " The artwork will go in the thousands...The dossiers most likely in the hundreds...".  Check out all the images and the scoop .

G.I. Joe is coming to the Big Screen:  According to an official Hasbro Press Release, a new G.I. Joe movie is currently slated for development.   Film producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is in charge of developing and producing this full -length, live-action movie.  Plot lines were not discussed.  So we don't even know if the movie will be based on the Joes of the 60's, 80's, or of today.  We might even be surprises by a moving containing the entire history of the Joes.  Either way, it is exciting news!

Hasbro is giving power to the people:  G.I. Joes first ever Fan's Choice Poll is going on now till July 10th.  So head over to G.I, and vote today.

Check out Master Collector's coverage of the Convention in San Francisco. Tons of pictures covering everything that happened 


Big Brawler Bagged Release: Normally we see new Funskool figures released on time and on card.   However, T.N.T.'s World of G.I. Joe has recently acquired some early factory bagged samples for sale.  Why wait...add Big Brawler to your collection today! (06/13/03)

Get Your Art Published!: Devil's Due and Comics2Film are putting on an art contest and the winning submissions will be published in a Devil's Due comic.  Click Here for all the details. (06/20/03)


Check out the picture that were posted on of the 2003 boxed convention set.  See Major Storm,  Cobra Commander, Lady Jaye, Falcon and more HERE.


   The G.I. Joe comic artists of Devil's Due will be at the Wizard World East con in Philadelphia, PA.  Click Here for more info on the Con.


G.I. Joe writer Josh Blaylock from Devil's Due will be at the Atlanta ComiCon April 11-13.  See more info in our Toy & Comic Convention Section 

Front Line Is On Sale Now : A new comic series that bridges the gap between the G.I. Joe of the 80's and the current Devil's Due comics.  Choose from either a cover by Dave Dorman or Kevin Sharpe.  (10/16/02)


Wave 3 figures are popping up in Wal-Mart and Target stores around the country.  Wave 4 is not far behind. Carded samples are already being offered direct through  (10/14/02)


The majority of Wave 2 figures can be found at Target stores. Keep on the look out for limited repaints popping up.  In this case, some figures are only packed one per case.  (8/21/02)

Face Off: The cover says it all when Stormy and Snake Eyes battle it out.  See the next chapter unfold in the ninja saga. Pick up a copy today at comic book stores now! (08/21/02)

More Mark Downs at Target: Pick up the Destro's Dominator and Brawler for $6.40.  I doubt they will last at those prices.  You can't even get a figure 2-pack for that. (07/18/02)

New Trouble Bubble Head over to  Devil's Due to see a couple preview images of Issue #7 hitting the shelves on 06/12.


Wave 1.5 figures are finally reached local department stores on average $7.99 each. (05/28/02)

*Issue #6 is in stores today.  A new story arc begins and Storm Shadow is a big part of it.  Kudos goes out to Devil's Due for a well planned and timely released book.  (05/01/02)


Wave 1.5 figures are starting to pop up on the internet.  They will be in your local toy stores in the coming weeks. The assortment includes repaints of ALL the following figures: Sure Fire vs. Slice, Frostbite vs. Neo-Viper, Gung Ho vs. Destro, Big Ben vs. Alley Viper,  Mirage vs. Viper, General Tomahawk vs. Headman,  Duke vs. Cobra Commander and, Wet Suit vs. Mantis. (04/30/02)

Beach Head, Flint and Airtight are being re-released from India in May.  Our sample Beach Head matches the same color scheme as the first India release from the mid-90's. As with all India figures, variations are inevitable. (04/30/02)

*Issue #5 is in stores now.  The monthly, ongoing series is in full "swing" as  Duke battles Major Bludd.  This fast paced story holds true to the title named, "Out For Bludd".  This story takes place just before the events of G.I. Joe #1.  Stay tuned for R&R's review coming soon. (04/06/02)

*The newest figure to be redone by Funskool is Wild Weasel.  He comes with a parachute like the Sky Diver from this India line. Also 3 other accessories and a stand (04/01/02)


*Devil's Due gang will be a Chicago Comic Fest March 9th and 10th  (03/06/02)

 * Head on over to  to see the new toy prototypes of wave 2 and much more.  Special thanks to Master Collector for their continued support of G.I. Joe and to Bill Leach for sending us the link info.  (02/09/02)

* Palisades Toys will be making 8 mini busts and 3 resin statues sold a 44.99 and 99.99 respectively. ( source Raving Toy Maniac) (01/31/02)

*Toy Updates:   Wave 5 toys (repaints) due in February. (01/31/02)

*Dwayne Marshall scores a perfect 45 of 45 and earns the Grand Prize in the Web Camp's Trivia Contest(12/19/01)

* G.I. Joe comic book #3 is scheduled for January.   #4 due out in March, and then they are monthly after that with issue #5 in April.(12/08/01)

* Dave Kudirka wins first place in "The Good Ole Days" photo contest.  Congratulations! (11/??/01) 

* Collectors in Canada have received the first look at the new G.I. Joe base.  Stores in the U.S. should be stocking them in the coming weeks. (11/19/01) 

*Next items due out from Hasbro are the Wave 5 figures and the Grizzle / Snow Cat vehicles.(11/19/01) 

*India's newest figure mold to be released is Wild Bill (83) in an orange repaint. (11/18/01)

 * We have dug up more info about the prototype Oktober Guard team called the Pravda Patrol. (11/04/01)
















































































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