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Web Camp Customs

     I started seriously customizing G.I. Joe figures in the early 1990's.  Mostly because, like everyone else, I wanted figures that Hasbro had failed to make. I try very hard not to do what every other customizer out there will do. For instance, almost everyone has made a Col. Brekhov out of a Red Star.  But in my view Red Star is a completely different character. He's very stiff, and by the book, while Brekhov is older, perhaps a bit disillusioned, and does things very much his own way. So my Col. Brekhov is grumpy, battle warn, and just plane sloppy looking. I don't mean he's a sloppy custom, I mean is uniform is wrinkled and baggy looking. That's the way I approach all of my customs. The obvious choice isn't always the right choice. Getting the character across accurately is sometimes more important then making sure the straps are in the right place, or whether or not the character wears gloves.    I hope you enjoy them. - Roger Taft

Unknown Cobra in issue #1 Stealth Viper Old Snake

Cobra Commander as he appeared in the Transformers cartoon


Scar Face General Bludd Dark Alley Viper Cobra Pain Brothers


Col. Brekhov Scharge Diana


Gorky Stormavik Dragonsky Dragonsky off duty


Diana in space suit Cold War Misha Ninja Red



Communications - G.I. Joe cartoon


Custom Sniper Character

Mike Powers

 70's G.I. Joe Adventure Team



Comic Characters

Lobo Black Hawk


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