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Fan Files

Where you submit pictures of you and favorite or ultra-rare G.I. Joe items.

We want to give space to our readers who may not have a website of their own.  A space to post a picture of you and your Joe items.  We know how hard it is for you to track down some of these tough to find pieces.  You deserve the bragging rights for all the hard work you've done to build your collection.  So send us a picture of you and a few of your favorite prized possessions along with some information to put in your Bio-History.  



Information Needed

** Without this info we can not post your file card.

1) Picture of you. 

2) Your name.  Code names are optional, but we still need your official name.

3) Send us at least some optional information listed below to fill in your file card.

4) If you submit a picture of you with your G.I. Joe items, please list a description of the items.  We will modify your card to a "split card" format. Your info and picture on top and the item's picture and descriptions on the bottom.


Optional Bio-History
** Send us some background information telling us who you are. Virtually anything pertaining to G.I. Joe will be added.  Here are some ideas.  See Duke's file card as reference.

1) You may wish to include your favorite or rare Joes in your picture.   

2) Your Code Name.

3) Your Primary and Secondary specialty. ( Job or  college major)

4) State or Country you live in.

5) How many years collecting G.I. Joe.

6) How old you are.

7) Favorite character.

8) Your first G.I. Joe item.

9) The most you have ever spent on one item.

Join the Fan Files today!

Submit your picture and bio-history 2 ways:

Email :


 Mail : The Web Camp

2626 10th Ave. West

Bradenton, FL 34205


Disclaimer: PLEASE READ!!!

TO ALL COLLECTORS AND WEBSITE VIEWERS: By submitting your information, you agree to give us permission to use your information in any way we choose to use on this website.  Your information will not be used in a mailing list.  You contact information will not be posted or given to anyone.   For this reason we ask that you do not send us your phone number, street address, or any personal information you do not wish to enclose.  Please do not ask for any collector's personal or contact information. This info will not be given out to protect the privacy of the posted person. Pictures mailed to the Web Camp will not be returned.


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