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WHAT ARE THEY?  Prototypes, aka Engineering Pilots (EP's) are the early productions of a figure. We will give a brief description of the figures life from its concept into production. Ideas are displayed though concept art.  The look of a figure goes though many different changes before it is agreed on. Once agree upon, then the figure begins its life. A sculpture is made to give a basic look of a figure. The next step is to make it look like an action figure by adding articulation.  A 2-Up or Resin Cast  is  made from the original sculpts.  The term 2-up means the size of the prototype is twice the size of the production.  Paint is applied to a 2-up to determine how a figure will look in the final production. These Paint Masters are usually done on 2-ups but can also be done on production sized prototypes. They are then scaled down to production size called 1st Ep's.  They are made from odd color plastic pieces.  They may also be called test shots.  They usually have very loose joints and no copyright markings. This stage is important to see if all of the "special features" will work like spring loaded arms and light up eyes etc.   2nd Ep's, are molds that are modified even more.  They are usually cast in the
final color, or close to it, and generally have copyright info on the figure.  3rd EP's are packaging prototypes.  The figures are either hand painted or production painted and packaged using any card stock that is available.  The reason for the mismatched packaging is usually because it is not ready for print.  The above prototypes are extremely rare because so few are made.  Those that are made are put to the test.  Most don't survive in one piece.  Most of the prototypes are obtained from former employees of toy companies.  

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Vintage 3 & 3/4 From 82-95

Duke_2001_prototype.jpg (85217 bytes)

 3 & 3/4 From 97 - 2001

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Will Toomey's 3 & 3/4

Lee Taylor's 3&3/4

2001 Manimals 

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Sgt. Savage

G.I. Joe Extreme

G.I. Joe 12"

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Other Cool Prototypes


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