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Wave 4 Poll

What answer best describes your overall opinion of this wave?

I love them all.
Most are cool, but a couple have a bad case of "Cobra La" disease.
I expected better, but could have been worse.
Most of the figures are garbage. I like only a couple.
They all suck and wipe. The Joes have hit rock bottom.
Don't care. I only like the vintage style with metal arm rivets.
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Don't write this figure off...Sure he looks like the gimmick enhanced figure from wave 1, but with the body back to normal, he is actually a very nice figure.  Plus his new machine gun is AWESOME.  It has a detachable grenade launcher, silencer, and a positional stock! more of this pistol.  Not because of its over use (which it has been), but it doesn't fit in most figure's hands.  Makes it worthless. Notice the two different size gun handles of the pistol and the machine gun.  'Nuff said. 








Finally, the V-Troop Overlord...Venomous Maximus.   Very nice detail on the sculpting.  His staff and cape help make this figure a winner.  He looks like a real leader. This guy is big too.  It's nice to see that mold sizes can change to make figures more accurate.

 Collectors looking for military realism are shaking their heads right now.  Can you say "Cobra La"?  Luckily, VM is the most extreme we are going to see in the Sci-Fi realm.  Actually, he is the only one that is way out there from this entire wave.   



 Great to see a new "General Hawk" figure.  True to the look from the movie.  The conservative look is a plus to those looking for realism in G.I. Joe. Even the weapons are realistic.

Back packs are getting scarce in this wave.  Unless you are a ninja, you got nothing to put in your back hole!  It would be nice to have a pack or a satchel to hold his grenades. 




  The Brainwave Scanner is finally here.  Smaller than what we have seen over the years in the comic book...but cell phones were also the size of  foot balls back in the 80's. The claw is a nice addition.  Plus, this is the third hair color (red, brown, and now blonde).  Perhaps he changes heads as much as his arm attachments.  Cool indeed! 

 Ok, we are on the third repaint.  I think we hit the limit on this mold.  Since the Overkill character is going to be around for a while, perhaps next time we will see a new outfit.  Hopefully,  we'll see a more menacing transformation into his mechanical nature.



 A quick turn around for this figure.  Just two waves ago he was sporting the "Sword Grabbing" gimmick.  Now most of his body has changed.  A vast improvement.  He has been given a new sword.  Perhaps to follow the story that was played out in the movie. 

The main complaint comes from the hand size. His left hand is clearly too small.  Hand sculpting is still a serious problem on many figures. 


Note : 1 per case. 


Of course, we have seen this sculpt in VvV wave 1.  But is it a much nicer figure now that the body has the full range of motion.  Some body colors have been changed and look more conservative.  Cool new weapons, including the break-apart staff that stores on the backpack.  NICE!  This is the kind of quality we expect to see with unique weapons.

I am at a loss of words...I can't find any negative criticism with this figure. 




 Dr. Talbot is very true to the looks of the character in the movie. I can see a lot of play value out of this character since he is more unique than most characters.   

It is disappointing that this figure only has two accessories.  It would have been nice to see him with some unique items since he is a Veterinarian /  Scientist.  He would have been a good candidate for an animal accessory.  Maybe  for the repaint, he will get a grizzly bear for a pet! This would increase the play value as kids could re-enact the movie experience. 






You already know this figure has one of the best articulation bodies (added wrist and ankle movements).  Now we see him in a cool new color and with an awesome new accessory.  The seeker drone looks much like the ones featured in the VvV movie.  Click on the image below to see what the rope is all about.


Being a Cobra Ninja, we probably should have seen the Night Creeper come with a sword or something.  The main drawback on the drone is the soft plastic construction.  The tentacles are fragile and can break when inserted into the belly of the drone.  




 Finally a Gung Ho head that looks like him.  Add in the removable hat, and pistol holster and you have a nice looking figure.

This has the gimmick "Knife-Slashing Action" feature.  Articulation from the waist down is lost as usual.  We can only hope for the remold soon.


This looks much more like the classic outfit now that the red is prominent.  The parachute pack is a nice touch as well.   Also a plus for collectors who just collect figures.  You can now get a Wild Weasel figure without having to buy a $15.00+ vehicle with him. 

Wild Weasel seems to be a filler figure.  There is no real reason for him to be in this assortment.  Finally, those gun molds need a rest.




 Back in black and looking good. Nice complement of accessories.  Brings back memories of the old Version 1 Street Hawk from Funskool, India.   

Hands have the soft rubber plastic construction.  Therefore his hands are almost useless since they can hardly hold the weapons or handle bars tightly.  Useless.


 It has been a long time, but we finally get a new bike.  I didn't realize how much the cycle has been missed. Back wheels pivot to actuate the missile. So no visible buttons.  

The cycles doesn't need the missile, because it takes away from the play value.  It looks unrealistic to have a rocket that is housed right inside the engine block.  



Note : Wave 4 (Left) and Wave 2 (Right) packages are shown.  There are no comments since both the figures and accessories are almost identical (wave 4 Razor Trooper now comes with the belt).  But please note several changes to the front card insert.  Now the Neurotoxin figure is being called Sand Scorpion like the art colors suggest. (art like the Wave 1 VvV figure).    This card is labeled ""Troop Builder" in the upper left of the card. The back of the card also features the large art of the "Razor Trooper"  This pack comes one per case.



Overview:  Let's break the case down for a moment.  There are 13 different figures (and one cycle) in this wave.  Four figure sculpts are totally new.  Three figures are re-sculpted from their "action gimmick" molds.  Four figures are repaints with no new sculpting.  Finally, two figures have no physical changes.  It is a little disappointing due to the low number of brand new sculpts.  However, it is nice to see that the gimmick figures were fixed to the normal O-ring design.   This wave should still sell through well given it's release is during the Christmas buying season.  This wave is nice because we finally can buy most of the characters featured in the new VvV movie.  It almost makes us wonder, why would the Valor vs Venom theme need to continue?

*** Special thanks to Roger Taft and Patrick Stewart for information.   

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