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Contest Winners


T.N.T.'s Web Camp congratulates all the winners. Out of 52 entries, there were 15 Finalists that were tied with a perfect score of  20 right out of 20 questions.  We then offered the Tie Breaker Questions.  These top 5 contestants listed below worked their way to the top of the crowd. Especially Dwayne Marshall.  Our Trivia Champion could not be stopped.  Dwayne answer every question correct, in a quick fashion.  We want to run another contest just to see if we can stump him.  He is that good!  A well deserved trivia champion!  Here is the list of the top 5 winners with their prizes.

Dwayne Marshall


A 2002 Wet-Suit Prototype:  New Sculpt & Design


Bill Leach

Ryan Crissy

Rod Pellegrini

Roger Taft

2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
$50.00 Gift Certificate to Treasures 'N Toys $25.00 Gift Certificate to Treasures 'N Toys 1982 MOC Commando Pin Set 1993 Snake Eyes MOC


Runner Up Finalists

These 10 contestants below were all very good.  The top five all had to work hard to stay ahead of these guys.  The all deserve to be recognized for their knowledge of Joe trivia.

 ( Runner Up Finalist listed in no particular order.)

Terry Dizard

Matthew Hartman

Jim Jackson

Jon Steckelberg

Russ Groover

Bryan Carlton

Andrew Childers

Steven Arnold

Sam Wells

Edward Badalucca

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