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2002 G.I. Joe Promotion

"A New Beginning"

2002 12 Inch Review

G.I. Joe vs. Cobra

 Hasbro is taking another shot at enlarging our favorite 3-3/4 Joes into the 12 inch size.   T.N.T.'s Web Camp would like give you a better look at the new 12" renditions.  Let's see what type of differences and improvements they have done since the Hall of Fame line of a decade ago. 

NOTE: Description information is very limited, so there may be some mislabeled parts or even different names.  Please email us if you have any additional information.   These are prototypes, thus the face paintings and outfit colors are different than the finished product.

This review is to focus on sculpting detail, and concept.  As with any review, we will express both positive and negative criticism.  Comments in Green means a positive feedback. Comments in Red means a negative feedback.  Comments in Yellow means a neutral comment.

Duke Alternative Duke Head Ver. 2

Very cool to see a couple different versions of the new 12" RAH line.  But head variations are nothing new to Duke.  There were at least 4 versions the first time Hasbro made Duke into a 12" Joe back in the early 90's. 

Cool vest that attaches around his arms, between his legs, and around his waist.  Nice clean cut "hero face".

Arm missile could work for another character.  Maybe a smaller version of wrist rockets on Destro or something.  But it is a bad choice of accessories on the G.I. Joe leader.  Currently has the old style Hall of Fame arms and hands.  Should be updated in the final production.   


Nunchuk Heavy Duty

 Nice outfit that is reminiscent of Quick Kick. Cool weapons with throwing stars to boot.  Nice head sculpt!  Good to have a new martial arts character other than Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow all the time. 

Gun slightly out of proportion, but otherwise a great figure!

Awesome Gun.  Awesome Sniper Suit, Awesome Head mold.  Seems to be a good candidate for the current Double Duty line.

We could lose the funny looking helmet....or at least go to a more traditional helmet.


Dusty??? Beach Head???

Note: Missing some accessories, but Dusty has one of the cheapest price points. He doesn't come with much anyways. 

Camo outfit and face paint (not visible on prototype) will bring a "vintage feel" to the figure.  An inexpensive figure for kids to buy.

Unfortunately we only get a "feel" for what we want to see.  Too bad there wasn't more effort put into his outfit to make him look exactly like the '85 style.

 There is a "pouch" in the inside-back of the vest.

Another character that is new to the 12" line.  Awesome helmet. More realistic size rocket launcher than older versions. Also, another inexpensive figure for those on a budget.

Not the Beach Head we know.  But still an interesting figure.


NOTE: These two figures may be "one in the same".  Similar to the Heavy Duty figure which has two outfits.  The "pouch" in the Beach Head (?) figure appears to be the backpack for Dusty (?) just flipped inside-out.  If you have any info, please help us


Cobra Commander Firefly

Missing staff, guns, and knife.

Carries on the new "Cobra Fangs" style symbol on head.  Cape is very nice.  Staff ( not shown) adds a touch of leadership to him.  Protective vest is needed for a man in his position. 

Guns ( no show ) are not required.  He is a leader, not a fighter.

Awesome accessories including grappling hook, night vision goggles, wall climbing suction equipment and bomb.  Nose and mouth are still covered to hide his identity.

Firefly looks a little cold...give him some cloths!!!  Chest plates are too bulky and not required.

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