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Convention Staff Edition

Yellow belt holds working crossbow behind her back.











Certificate of Authenticity      Staff Edition Lady Jaye, the finished product

Scarlett: This one of a kind prototype is the centerpiece of any 3-3/4 or 12 inch collection.  Many people in the G.I. Joe collecting community don't know it exist. It was kept in the personal collection of Mike Herz for the first 2 years.  Later purchased by Ron Conner.   Mike is a convention promoter that frequently had exclusive Joes available at his shows. Scarlett was his second attempt to produce an exclusive 12 inch female figure for his shows. The first attempt was the Female Shuttle Astronaut ( also owned by Ron Conner ).  Like the Female Shuttle Astronaut, Scarlett was also officially approved for prototype production only. After this prototype was made, Hasbro decided to change the figure to Lady Jaye.  Hasbro felt that Lady Jaye had a more military look to her.   Get the whole story by reading the Certificate of Authenticity by clicking on the thumbnail image above.


Duke ( Hall of Fame )

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Female Shuttle Astronaut

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John F. Kennedy

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Tomb Soldier

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Roy Benavidez

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2001 Marine

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