Manimals 2001 Prototype Set

"From a distant universe, where life evolved over a complex series of alien and reptile mutations, come the body-changing MANIMALS.  As if they weren't hostile enough in their "normal" form, when provoked, these monsters mutate into the meanest bounty hunters this side of the Milky Way!"  (Words from the back card of the Manimals)


1) Iguanis

2) Warwolf

3) Slythor

4) Unproduced Zig Zag

5) Unproduced Spasma

6) Unproduced Vortex

Notes:  One weapon of each series was a different color from the rest.  ( one red, one silver).  Only Slythor came with 3 accessories ( eye glasses ), the others only had two guns.

If you have any original 1990's versions of the Manimals, please contact us.

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