Wave 3 Sculpt and Concept Review

This review is to focus on sculpting detail, and concept only.  We review prototypes to give a more objective opinion of the sculpt.   Usually, the painted figures falsely skew the opinion in a more positive or negative direction.  As with any review, we will express both praise, and criticism. 

Comments guide: Yellow = Information   Green = Positive comments   Red = Negative comments


Sculpt: She is well updated from the original Baroness outfit.  Yet it still gives her the look and feel of the vintage mold.

Concept: Finally, customizers are getting some good custom fodder body parts for female creations.  

Sculpt: Was given short hair and still doesn't have full range of head motion.  She is also too skinny.  An unrealistic super babe (maybe not such a bad thing).

Sculpt: Cape is sturdy plastic. Not the fragile cloth of the 1986 version. It attaches well to the figure's screw hole.

Concept: Back to the conservative look after going "Techno" in the 1990's version.  Unique pistol that seems to fit his character well.  

Concept: Figure is wonderful. But he should have come with some technical or medical accessories.  Nothing really distinguishing him as a Doctor.


Cobra Commander

Sculpt: Same awesome sculpt has before, just enhance with the O-ring construction.  

Concept: Finally CC gets a staff.  Perfect accessory. 

Concept: Virtually identical figure to wave 1.  Could have been enhance by more accessories.  Perhaps given an interchangeable head/helmet and cape attachment.

Snow Serpent

Sculpt: Magnificently detailed.   An improvement that surpasses even the great 1985 version.

Concept: Finally a cool Arctic figure that won't be a peg warmer that sits for months at your local toy store.

Sculpt: The details are there, but the proportions are way off.  Too slim: head, chest, waist, and thighs. Too large: shoulders, and hands.


 Sculpt: Proportions are in line, thus making this one of the more attractive figures.

Concept: Sound feature is NOT on the gun.  A much better design. Sound feature should be on all backpacks ( or on a separate chip all together).  That way figure can hold the gun while the noise is activated.  Instead of having a "shooting gun" that no one is holding because it is plugged into a vehicle.

Sculpt: Hands do not hold flame gun well.  Fingers are not curved enough.

 Concept: No nostalgia. Almost no likeness to the original.  Could have been a totally new figure.



Sculpt: Slightly above average.

Concept: Has some ties to the popular 1985 figure.   





Sculpt: Without getting too graphic, this sculpt sucks! Same problems as Snow Serpent regarding proportions.  I guess it is not true what they say about "big feet". His feet are huge, but Flint has a tiny crotch peice. The sculpt does not pass as a human.

Concept: Figure does not seem to carry the "excitement" like the other figures in this wave have.  Flint appears to have been selected to the line up just for his leadership status.  Yet, he does not carry a unique feel.  With Duke, Beach Head, and even Sgt. Stalker on the store shelves, there are too many leaders available right now.  Flint's needs more than just leadership to stand out as truly unique figure.  I am a fan of the old 1985 Flint, but this one .......I better stop there. 

Beach HeadBeach Head

Sculpt: Chest and gloves have extraordinary detail.

Concept: There is no doubt he is Beach Head. Nice likeness!

Sculpt: Hands are way too big, waist is too small, but other proportions are in order. Only side to side head movement.  Understandable due to shirt mold design.

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes will come in two different base colors.  The first 20,000 are gray with purple highlights.  The last 20,000 will be black with silver highlights.   Black version will also be in Wave 4.  Also note, there maybe a correction on the numbers.  It is unconfirmed, but the latest word is there could be up to 50,000 of each color style.  

Sculpt: Grade: 10   A truly magnificent figure. He has additional ankle articulation for ninja kick moves.

Concept:  Favors the commando style instead of the ninja style outfit.  A fully tricked-out commando that is ready to kick snake-butt.

Sculpt: Almost too muscular in the torso.  But if anyone could be that "buff", Snake Eyes could.  So something that can be overlooked. The leg holsters are large enough to have removable pistols, instead of molded ones.



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