Major Bludd

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Major Bludd

File Card:

Construction Note: This is the only newly reconstructed figure from the set. The figure is made from the head of Major Bludd(1994) and the body from Zap(1991).  Bludd's accessories are also from the '91 Zap. 

Concept: Major Bludd has been around almost since the beginning.  So it is only natural for him to be in charge of this premier fighting force. 

Color: Great figure! The positive comments about the color selection and patterns will continue throughout this review.  Major Bludd is no exception.

Concept: As a mercenary, Major Bludd would usually take short term jobs for Cobra Commander.  I don't see him as the permanent P.P. member since mercenaries are always renegotiate their contracts to the highest bidder of their services.

Color: No complaints here...ok, maybe the red collar...but that is grasping a bit.   


Major Bludd

File Card:

Concept: Every team needs a heavy machine gunner. There's no better choice than the S.A.W. Viper

Color: least the accessories have a nice realistic color to them.

Concept: The Saw Viper has such a super huge gun, that it would be cumbersome in a fast paced fight with the Joes.

Color: DID THE PAINT MACHINE BREAK??? What happened to this figure's python paint mask?  His bright color sticks out like a sore thumb. Perhaps he would work better as a support trooper for the fuchsia Vipers.  



Major Bludd

File Card:

Concept: The Python Team now shows some serious diversity.  A Rock viper might come in handy on those mission to Mountainous terrain.

Color: A well patterned python print, and conservative colored accessories makes Rock Viper a nice addition to the set.

Concept: Seems like a "part-time" member.  While perfect for a city skyscraper, or mountain raid, his skills are put to waste on a normal land or sea missions.

Color: While the gold seems excessive, there really isn't another color that would fit in it's place.  




Major Bludd

File Card:

Concept: Cobra has their bases covered again with the use of their Anti-Tank specialists. Color: Same as before... Hopefully, more figures will be given the Python treatment in the future.

Concept: We have seen the use of this "gun" a lot lately.  Time to retire the mold or modify it to fire the leg missiles.  

Color:   Minimal Python Pattern.  Not a good figure mold to put a patter or logo on.





Major Bludd

File Card:

Only figure to have a "sound attack" modified rifle.  Lamprey's original 1985 submachine gun has been replaced.  This Python version retains his 1990 submachine gun in its place. 

Concept: amphibious assault trooper.  With the majority of the Earth covered with water, it only makes sense to have these guys on the Python team.  

Color: Fantastic!  The right mix of colors.  'Nuff said. 

Concept: According to the file card, these are "underwater demolition specialist."  If so, why doesn't he come with the gear to back it up?

Color: To nitpick...maybe change the face shield looks great!



Major Bludd

File Card:

Concept: The perfect complement to the rest of the team.  Laser Vipers have the ability to "paint" a target on a Joe vehicle while the supporting H.E.A.T. and S.A.W. Vipers open a can of 'ole fire fight on it.

Color: The figures has the most Python pattern on the outfit.  Making it a personal favorite to many.

Concept: A close and fast paced combat situation would seriously inhibit the Laser Vipers to coordinate precise targeted attacks. 

Color: Conservative color, no arguments here. 



In closing, we think Hasbro has created the perfect complement to the 1989 Python Patrol assortment. The first team was virtually all basic infantry.  Now Cobra has added a wide diversity of combat specialist to rival G.I. Joe.  Now tell us what you think in...


Major Bludd

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