In 1995, Hasbro produced their answer to Power Rangers, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles and other exciting toys of the era.  G.I. Joe was given a larger 5 inch stance to combat evil.  Not to mention the battle they fought against their competitors that managed to cause the down fall of the Real American Hero line.  "Extreme" was just that.  The body sculpts,  colors, packaging and even the cartoon series was taken to the Extreme.  This concept did not bold too well with kids, much less collectors.  But they are an interesting mix of characters which may have been ahead of their time.    


Black Dragon



Production Figure


Black Dragon, the Snake Eyes of the Extreme line   A very cool figure from the "tail-ender" second series.  The prototype has clear arms so you can see his "Ninja Spin" effect work.   The hands twist when you turn a knob on his back.  Look closely to see the silver wires in the middle of his arms.  Black Dragon comes with 2 non-production color tan swords. He has no copyright information on him anywhere. He does have holes in his feet. Overall this is a very cool looking prototype.


Iron Klaw




Production Figure



Iron Klaw with ultra slam firepower weapon. This test shot includes claw arm, gun, chest plate and vacuum firing rocket back pack.   The production figure is one of the nicest and conservative paint jobs done on an Extreme figure.  Too bad he is not a part of the 3-3/4 line. He would make the Commander a little nervous about his position as the ruthless Cobra leader.





This Ballistic prototype figure with removable armor and gun.  He also originally came with an "Ultra Slam Firepower Weapon".   There were 4 figures that came with this Ultra Slam feature. 



Rampage, Mayday and Wreckage were apart of the ill-fated second series.  The G.I. Joe Extreme line failed and the figures were cut.  Only Harpoon and Black Dragon (seen above) made it out to the store shelves in small very small quantities.  Carded examples of these were produced.



War Hawk Helicopter

Prototype pictures from the collection of : Russell and Sandy Vaughn.  Purchased by Ron Conner

Production Boxed Vehicle

The War Hawk (" Tiger Hawk ") was originally designed for the G.I. Joe Extreme 5 inch line in 1996.  Later in India, it was produced under the name Battle Hawk.  The original prototype owner claims that the India version was scaled down by an S.L.A computer, to fit the 3 & 3/4" Joes.  However, there is no evidence to support this change.  Both versions appear to be the same size.  

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