Wave 2 Sculpt and Construction Review


This review is to focus on sculpting detail, and concept. All comment are based on the current information we have available .  Sculpts, construction, weapons selection etc can all change. As with any review, we will express both positive and negative criticism. 

Comments guide: Yellow = Information   Green = Positive comments   Red = Negative comments


Can you do this with your Firefly???  His legs have two added articulation features.  "Swivel thighs" and "pivoting ankles".  The "swivel arm battle grip" was added in 1983 to save many thumbs from being snapped off when played with.  Now the "swivel thigh" will save tons of waist pieces from snapping in the center when played......I mean posed for display .  The double guns molded into the chest are fitting of this character who has an arsenal of weapons.  There is a good weapon selection, even though they are from older molds.

Body proportions are off. With the new body design there are some exaggerations.  Surprisingly I am not referring to the shoulders, as Firefly probably should have wide shoulders.  The torso is too short and his shins are too long. 





Zartan is one of those must-have figures because of his pivotal role in Cobra and as a leader of the Dreadnoks.

The added wrist articulation will help him hold his chainsaw with two hands.

 He will look more natural riding his vintage swamp skier.

No holographic pads and mask! Other than the hood over his head, I don't get the feeling that this is a Zartan figure. The sculpt would actually fit Gung Ho better with the large arms and shoulders and the bare chest to show off his Marine tattoo.

Zartan is more subtle than to use a loud chain saw.  The Master of Disguise would have a hard time fooling anyone with a massive chainsaw for a weapon.


Great military figure.  The weapons are perfect for him. The chest webbing is intricate.  The bazooka is a nice touch.  I would have thought Hasbro would save this accessory for a future bazooka soldier, but this addition is well received.  Helmet flaps and "skirt" represent the desert theme.

This figure is mostly affected by the "Massive Shoulder Syndrome."  The arm and torso connection is terrible.  This is as far as Dusty can put his arms down.  This makes his legs look too skinny to match his upper body.  Not that we are getting greedy, but this figure does not have any added articulation.


I have saved the best for last.  I was pleasantly surprised with this figure.  All four limbs have an added swivel feature. Arms at the wrists, legs at the calf muscle.  The head sculpt is awesome.  The hair is well detailed.  The weapons selection is good, though I would have really liked to see a straight- edged weapon in the mix.  His feet are wrapped with his toes sticking out.  Very cool sculpt. 

Nunchuk's torso muscles are almost too "cut."   Granted, he is in good shape, but almost like a professional body builder. The hands seem a little small in proportion to the rest of his arm. 

The gun may be a 2-up sample cast, but the Uzi appears too large.

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