12 Inch Review

T.N.T.'s Web Camp mostly focuses on 3-3/4 inch.  But we got in a couple prototypes and wanted to share them. The Beach Head figure is just now arriving to wholesalers/retailers.   The Recondo might take a little while longer before we see him.  Please remember that these are prototypes.  Their outfit and accessories are subject to change for the final production. Especially the pants color.

Comments guide: Yellow = Information   Green = Positive comments   Red = Negative comments


This figure has a different head than the one previously shown at the 2002 Toy Fair in Feb.  Originally it was an old Gung Ho head.  This proto does not have any facial hair.  Includes : hat, vest, knife, crossbow /w arrow, pants and boots.

Has super grip hands. 

A good selection of weapons.  Silent and deadly.

Vest is nicely detailed.

Needs a correct hat for Recondo

Recycled Action Man crossbow. It does not fit in hand 100%, but still a cool toy.

Beach Head

 Includes: gun, knife, hat, vest, belt, pants, sheath, and boots

Has super grip hands. 

Gun and hat look realistic.

Low retail, MSRP 10.00 

Needs hood over his head to be Beach Head.

Massive boots, look cumbersome.

Men In Black

Ok...Ok...they are not G.I. Joes...yet.  Their unique heads and business outfits make them instant custom fodder!  So we have adopted them into the Joe family with these custom ideas!

Agent J can used for Doc. He even has the eye glasses! 

Their suits can be used for Duke or General Hawk  in formal attire.

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