Wave 2 Package Review

A break down of the carded FANG III with C.L.A.W.S.

This review is to focus on packaging design and features. Please remember this is an early sample. The contents, graphics, colors, etc. are subject to change. 

Comments guide: Yellow = Information   Green = Positive comments   Red = Negative comments

Front and Side

It is nice that we get to physically see the vehicle before we buy it.  Many times a 2-D picture is not enough. We get to see 4 of the 6 sides through this bubble design.

Carded vehicles are virtually assembled with stickers already attached. So there is little time wasted between when the toy is opened, and when play time begins :-).

Collectors who keep figures and vehicles in the package should have a greater enjoyment seeing the figure operating the vehicle. 

Original artwork carries on like from Wave 1. 

Sound can be actuated through the bubble.  A great selling feature.

Includes the illustrated paper backdrop. Just like for the figure 2 packs.  Not a very practical addition, but still nice to see.  

Are the days of small boxed vehicles gone???  I suppose this is a way to save money. 

Sealed package collectors will notice an increased amount of damage that is are prone to happen with bubbled vehicles.  The vehicle weight can tear the peg hanger.  The awkward size could end up crushing the bubbles in storage. 

For the model kit enthusiasts, we don't get a chance to take part in building these vehicles.  There is always a certain pride that is felt when you take a box full of parts and create something that looks just like the picture on the box.





Back and Bottom

Excellent multi-level graphics.

The writing explains how the new weapon-activated sounds work.  It reads, " Attach Sound Attack rock launcher then press button to hear firing sounds!"  and " Turn rotor blades for chopper sounds!"  This make for a more interactive playing experience.

There are several people that strictly collect figures due to storage constraints. This package design attempts bridge the gap between the strict figure collectors and people who collect the entire Joe line.  This way you can still see your figure in action.

The bottom of the package states that the File Card in enclosed, in case there was cause for concern.

It is unconfirmed, but there may not be blueprints like we are accustom to seeing with this carded vehicle.  In the contents listing, it does not state there are blueprints enclosed.  Perhaps the back card graphics are there to substitute for the missing blueprints.   








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