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Volume 1 Reader Feedback

The following testimonials are just a small sampling of the reaction these book is getting from around the world.  After you receive your copy, be sure to email us your thoughts so we can add your remarks on this page.   Everyone who leaves feedback will be eligible for an upcoming give-away, through random drawings! 

"Ron - Have been digging into your book and it's just AWESOME.  Hats off to you and Derek, big time.  What a great piece of work.  It's totally gotten me pumped on collecting international Joes (I was kind of going there anyway with a complete loose domestic figure collection).  I already has a nice Cobra deAco, Ninja Ku, etc but didn't know about Glenda and some others until I saw your book.  Wow, great stuff....thanks for documenting so exhaustively."

DDD, Pawtucket, RI.

"I received your book about 2 days ago! I took a quick look that day and thought is was well pretty good. The next day I took another look and read some things and took a look at every page.  Today...I just couldn't lay the book down because I wanted all those figures and wanted to know more!  Right now...this book is awesome.  Way better then the info given on yojoe or any other site."

Jeffrey Otterspoor from GIJOE.NL - Netherlands

"This book truly is the best reference guide for foreign GI Joes.  The pages are well laid out, with extremely clear and bright pictures of the highest degree.  The book is a wealth of knowledge and I use it often."

Tanner Dabel (GBPackRat) WI, USA

"I keep preaching this but it really is THE best book out there for International Joes...and if you don't have this book you really need to get it!"

Dan Moore (dmooretoys) - USA

"Ron, I'd really be honored to be included in giving praise to your fantastic book. I know I'm repeating myself, but thanks so much for putting this book together. I can really see the love and effort you poured into it. "

Peter H. Hubner - NY, USA


"The Book is GREAT! I use it every day, In fact I was thinking of buying a second one to make up and keep track of what I have.  You guys did a fantastic job on the book and everyone i show it to is impressed with the quality and sear size for the cost.  You guys should be proud. It is a great tool for the collector. I LOVE IT and am grateful for all you guys have done."

Fred from the Joe Company  - CA, USA

Before I got the book I was expecting a normal guide with a lot of pictures organized by country and not much more, but when I finally had it on my hands I was totally surprised, not only the book is very complete with great pictures, but everything is very well organized and with a lot of text adding very interesting background info on the figures. I should have bought this sooner, trust me if you are a international figure collector you must own this.

Nuno (Brolly) - Portugal

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