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About the Book

A HUGE 32 page book preview!  No other Joe book lets you have an EXTENSIVE look inside before you buy!  Get a full taste of nearly 1/3 of the book. There are 60 more pages waiting for you when you invest in this fully comprehensive archive.  Click to enlarge the page images to see what you are missing in your collection.

#2) Table of Contents

#4) History of the Joes

#5) To Be, or Not to Be?

#6) Identifying a Figure's Origin

#8) Comprehensive C-Scale

#9) Tons of Terminology

#12) Showing the Ultra Rare

#18) Joes Not in Joe Packaging

#22) Joes from 'Down Under'

#25) A Closer Look

#30) Explaining 13 Sub-Group

#36) Duke's Laundry - Fun Fact

#38) Unique Artwork

#39) Canadian Differences

#41) Rocket Launchers For All?

#45) Cool Tiger Force

#48) Comic Books Recognition

#49) European Predecessors

#52) Wild Funskool Variations

#66) Other Variants Explained

#67) Carded Examples

#68) Vehicles Also Get Some Love

#73) Japan Inserts

#75) Korean Evolution

#79) Alien Invasion From Mexico

#82) Russia. Yes, We Said Russia

#84) Venezuelan History

#86) Full Price Guide For All

#98) Side By Side Comparisons

#99) The Unknown is Shown

#101) Community Builders

Back Cover) Overview



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