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The Contest Time Limit Has Expired.  Thank You For Participating.

Welcome Finalist.  Congratulations on getting this far.  You are the best of the bunch.  Now it is time to see who is the "Best of the Best"!   Good luck on the questions ahead.   Please make sure you review the entry instructions and contest rules below.  There will be 25 tie breaker questions.  They are broken down into 4 categories.  Cartoon, Comic, Toy, and Image questions.   There is no longer a designated Trick Question section as many of them are tricky.   

HINTS: Still most answers can be giving in one word.  Some are "yes" or "no" responses.  So you have at least a 50/50 chance of getting the answer correct even if you have no idea of the correct answer.  "None" is an answer option, especially in this lighting round of questions.

Without further ado, here are your questions...


Cartoon Questions

1) What is the name of the person who gave a gold plated helicopter to Lifeline?

2) In G.I. Joe : The Movie,  name one G.I. Joe team member who helped to blow up the Terror Drome.

3) Fill in the blank from the second verse of the Dreadnok song COLD SLITHER.   "With an iron fist
and a reptile hiss we shall

4) In the episode "Once Upon A Joe", Shipwreck told a story to a group of orphan kids.   In the story, "The Duke" was the father of 3 sons.  What were the names of all 3 sons?

5) Which episode or mini-series did Snake Eyes first meet Timber?

6) In the episode, " Sink the Montana", what was the Captain's name of the ship Montana?

Comic Questions

7) What is the story title of the of G.I. Joe comic book # 2 (1982 US release version)? 

8) How did the U.S.S. FLAGG ship get its name?

9) Who shot the weapon that killed the Soft Master?

10) Which unconscious G.I. Joe team member did Zartan switch outfits with?  Eventually Zartan was able to gain access to the PIT using this this Joe's outfit

11) Who created the B.A.T.s?

12) Which comic book issue featured an all silent, no dialogue mission? 

13) In issue #34 , titled "Shakedown", there was a battle between a Skystriker and a Rattler plane.  Which plane crashes at the end of the issue?

Toy Questions

14) Which department store chain released the first Hall of Fame 12 inch Duke figure?

15) What is the copyright date stamped on the bodies of Manimals released in 2001?

16) Which country released the Python Patrol Swampfire?

17) Name the first playset / vehicle that came with more than one figure?

18) Name a U.S. carded  figure that had the words " Weapon emits showers of sparks!" written on the front of the card?

19) Did Hasbro ever individually number the collector's edition 12 inch Hall of Fame figures?

20) Did Hasbro ever individually number any 3 3/4 inch G.I. Joe figures?

Image Questions



21) In which country was this Storm Shadow figure produced?




22) According to this picture, what is the title of this cartoon episode?




23) What issue number is this cover art from?





24) What are the names of all 6 Oktober Guard members pictured here?





25) What do the initials P.D.D. stand for in the slang/nickname given to this 1997 Destro variation?



If you are not sure what a question is asking, you may EMAIL US.  We will try to ask the question in a different way.

How To Submit Your Lightning Round Answers:

1)  CLICK HERE to create a new email message.  Type the word "2002 FINALIST" in the subject line.

2) Include at the top of the email message your first name, last name, and email address.

3) Number and List all 25 answers in order going down the page.

4) READ and agree with the contest rules below.

5) Send and watch for your name to be posted on our "Winners Section" on December 15th.

Contest Rules:

* The contest is only open to the 15 finalist who tied in the initial 20 question contest. 

* The contest lasts only 1 day.   Time is limited as we want to get all the prize mailed so they can be received by Christmas.  The Tie Breaker/Lightning Round starts on Thursday, 12/13/01, after 10:00 PM EST.  The Lightning round ends Friday, December 14, 2001 at 11:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time, USA).  

* Please summit only one entry.

* If you would like to change your answers after submitting,  you may do so.  Just send a NEW email entry by completing the 5 steps above again with the proper answer changes.  But this time, change the subject title to " 2002 Finalist Changes". 

* If a finalist does not correctly follow the 5 steps, the entry may be disqualified.

* We reserve the right to post the finalist and winners names on this website.  No other personal contact information will be posted.

* Contest winners will be asked for their mailing address so prizes can be sent to them. Please email us back as soon as possible so we may send the prizes out to you.

* If you win a gift certificate, you have the option of redeeming it for merchandise now, or to receive the certificate.  Then you may redeem the certificate for merchandise later.

* By sending your email entry you agree to the terms in the contest rules.

* T.N.T.'s Web Camp reserves the right to change any thing in this contest, at any time, for any reason. 

* Any further ties will be won by the contestant that we receive their answers first.  So turn in your responses as quickly as possible. All tie breaker entries must be received by December 14, at 11:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time, USA).


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