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2002 G.I. Joe Promotion

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2002 Package Review

G.I. Joe vs. Cobra 2 Packs

This review is to focus on packaging design and features.  As with any review, we will express both positive and negative criticism.  Comments in Green means a positive feedback. Comments in Red means a negative feedback.

Front of Package Back of Package

The action pose makes the figures seem more exiting. This enhances the theme by showing of a fierce battle between the two foes. Articulation is well favored.

Collectors who keep figures in the package should have a greater enjoyment seeing the them in their poses.  Rather than the plain old attention poses from the past

Although the bubble tray design is improving, one still can not really tell which accessory goes with which figure.  There is no help on the back of the card. The file card is packed inside, may shed some light on this.

No individual figure artwork on the front.  This feature has been vacant since 1998.  So it is nothing new to us. Actually,  there is not much room anyway for character art due to the current 2-pack design. Change?

Shows new action artwork of all toys released in 2002 Wave 1.  Better than the non-animated mug shot of the toy faces in the 2001 line.

It states the classic G.I. Joe theme / motto at the bottom of the package.  It appears to the be the same familiar phrase that was heard of the voice-over in the cartoon series intro.

All front and back cards graphics are the same. This saves on production cost, but looks generic.  Collectors who keep figures in the package will not be able to read the file cards since they are now packed inside the bubble. 

No listing of the Cobra Commander "Then and Now" 2-pack.  The rumor is it has been cancelled.  This may cause collectors to argue for production of more figures with the O-ring design. This contradicts the current theme of an all plastic design. 

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Special thanks to Larry H. for sending us the pictures of the new 2002 packaging.

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