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 3 simple words.....We love them!  T.N.T.'s Web Camp would like to dispel some of the rumors of body construction and negative criticism that the new body style seems to be harboring.  Without the usual "O" ring construction, we are forced to change how we look at (and play with) our Joes.  This change takes us out of our normal comfort zone and pushes us to new highs in sculpting detail.   Our aim is to show what positive changes Hasbro has done for us.  We hope you like this change in direction, and collect the new Joes.  Hasbro will then produce more new Joes as the line returns to its 80's glory.  Hasbro has done a fantastic job in exchanging an "O" ring we can not see, with the ultra detailed sculpts that we can see and feel.

This review is to focus on sculpting detail, and concept.  Check out Dr. Mindbender's Medical Logs on for a full analysis of the new body construction.  As with any review, we will express both positive and negative criticism.  Comments in Green means a positive feedback. Comments in Red means a negative feedback.

Snake Eyes Storm Shadow

 New backpack,  Vintage 85 style mask,  Boot sheath

Extra wide leg stance , could use a different knife

Vintage 84 style outfit - Back with Cobra.

Uzi is not his style


Gung-Ho Destro

Excellent detail, leg sheath and gun holster, textured soles

He looks a little too young, gun doesn't fit in holster

Super detail face, realistic for moving metal. Nice accessories

Darth Maul facial comparison, arms seem too large


Wet-Suit Moray

Tubular suit extensions, mask looks like vintage 86 style

Same old backpack and spear gun for all aqua Joes

Original character, air tubes, thin and fit body

Can't find anything bad to say


Duke Cobra Commander

Holster, accessories selection

Helmet not removable. Forever renamed as "Football Duke"


Rag-head with vintage 84 look

Needs new accessory: Serpent Command staff


Frostbite Neo-Viper

Realistic uniform, Shaved face version

Don't need another artic trooper, skis don't fit


More Vipers, nice helmet and mask combo

Missiles don't need.  Wish we had a Neo-Viper 2 Pack


Heavy Duty CLAWS

Cool head bandana, Trigger finger, gun holster

Chest detail too "Heavy Duty", change backpack for this gun


Unique head sculpt design, very evil looking

Large gun doesn't match w/ backpack. Looks almost too evil

Questions We Can Answer

How much Articulation did we lose going to the new body style?  Most movement is still there.  Some figures can not put there arms all the way down and stand at attention.  Actually, some current figures can not do that either like 2000 Storm Shadow and Undertow.  Hip articulation is cut in half.  Full range of motion front and back.  No "jumping jack", side to side motion. Waist movement also cut in half.  They can just spin their torso around, but not bend down or bend back.  Otherwise they have all the same arm, neck, and knee articulation.

Are they bulky like the Extreme?  With greater detail comes greater bulk.  But it is not nearly as bad as we first thought.  Proportions are mostly realistic.  Remember, all the bulky look is in the clothing.  "Football" Duke is one if the few that actually show skin on his fore arms.  His arms are not muscle bound.  Hasbro went with the baggy cloths look to create more detail.

Will Hasbro be making new figure accessories?  Yes, we only see a couple is this batch, namely some of Wet-Suit's gear.  They are coming, we just have to wait a little bit longer to see more unique accessories.

Do they fit in the current vehicles?  There will be some challenges getting them to fit in certain vehicles.  Obvious vehicles challenges are the Mauler, Sky Hawk and Dragon Fly.   The can pilot a Tomahawk with no problem.  A Cobra Mamba will require a little work.  Open seated vehicles like the Cobra Stun are just fine.  The upper half of the body seems to be the problem.  The legs fit just fine.   Hasbro will have to choose their vehicles carefully, or fix the figure's arms so they fold down completely.

Can they be customized by interchanging body parts with the old "O-ring" Joes?  They are completely redesigned right down to the plastic rivets.  It will be difficult to do.  The heads would be the easiest to exchange.   See Dr. Mindbender dissect Storm Shadow for a close up view inside the new mold.

Feel free to EMAIL T.N.T.'s Web Camp with your question.  We will be happy to post the responses here.

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