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"Dedicated to the education of  G.I. Joe"

 Trusted Traders

The following G.I. Joe collectors and dealers have all gone above and beyond the call of duty.  They deserve to be recognized for their outstanding honesty and integrity.  They have operated outside the normal business boundaries to ensure excellent service while trading G.I. Joes. 



Attila Mandy

Chris McCleary

Dave Lane

Derek R. Anderson

Eugene Son

Francisco Rivero

Jack Coon 

Jason Sebik 

Jeff Bezaire

Jeremy Sung

Jesse R. Franco 

John Ingle

Kyle Ingram

Michael L. Evans

Mike "De Aco" Fountain 

Owen Wilson

Roger Taft

Russell Smith

Steven J. Oden

Tom Puangpee

Will Toomey


Arun (India Accents)

Diego Gomez 

Manoj  Shanker

Maribell (Mingo Toy) 

Mike Herz (Whiz Bang)

Mike Van Eaton (Van Eaton Galleries)

Ted Isaacs

Corey Stinson















T.N.T. says,  "Thank You."


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