R & R 's Comic Review #7


ROGER:   To date this has been the hardest G.I. Joe review I've written. It was very much a transitional issue, much like issue 5 was, but very little happened. There was nothing wrong with this issue, and it was clearly necessary to set up the plot lines for future issues. There was almost no story.  So what do we review?  I'm pleased to see the introduction and use of what I suppose you would call secondary characters, Wet-Suit, and Beach Head. Though with a cast as big as G.I. Joe where exactly do you draw the line between primary and secondary characters.




RON: It is good to see the toys come to life in the comic.  Both Beach Head and Wetsuit have not lost their appeal since the good old days.  I am looking forward to seeing more introductions in the coming months.




RON: It is nice to see everyone is getting along.  The fight scene was excellent.  A real high point in the book.  I am glad no major character bit the bullet.




ROGER:   I liked the subtly of Storm Shadow's introduction. How many of you out there correctly identified his shadow on page 8 on your first read through? I didn't.

RON: A very stealthily infiltration method that only a ninja could pull off.  I am still wondering how convenient it was for him to even show up underwater like that.  Ninja foresight?  I wonder...




RON: Another cool gadget that the Joes have to help them in the war against Cobra.  I was pleasantly surprised by its use.  It just goes to show that technology saves lives ( Joes lives, that is).  The Joes raid was precise and professional thanks to the cube cam.






ROGER: Not much was really wrong with this issue as I've already said. So I'm going to have to get a little nitpicky here. First of all, I didn't care for the flow of the story. It opens fine, then jumps to earlier in the day then back to the end. Flashing back wasn't so much the problem, they just never told you when it came back to the present. So it was a little hard to follow, and caused more page flipping that usual.

RON: I agree 100%.  The story jumping was my biggest complaint.  It was not too terrible.  As a matter of fact, understand why it was done.  A book should open and shut with a good action fighting scene.  But this could have been avoided by putting the Destro/Commander conflict first, and then telling the Joe/Russian conflict in order.  This would have kept the story  flow consistent.  Perhaps limit the story jumping to flashback memories.  It keeps time going in the same direction.  Unfortunately, this method is limited to a personal viewpoint and not a complete story.


ROGER: I would think that in this day and age, Zartan's camouflage effect would be much better illustrated with a computer generated image. The two panels with him appearing, look fairly cheesy. I'm very strongly reminded of comics from the '70's. Unfortunately, I do not have fond memories of comics from that era.

RON: I was ok with it.  But the next panel gets kinda ugly.  See the appropriate section for the panel. :-)


ROGER: This part isn't so much from this issue, but it does relate. Storm Shadow, is indeed Storm Shadow (not Firefly as an imposter). I'm disappointed. I wanted so much to preserve Storm Shadows honor, and have a really cool way of reintroducing Firefly. But, both G.I. Joe Battle Files #2, and what learned at the convention confirm it. On the plus side though, that does mean there are plans in the works for Firefly. And you have to bet there will eventually be a story line dealing with Snake Eyes attempting to save his sword brother.

RON: With the toys release of Firefly coming next month, I am sure we will be seeing Firefly soon enough in the comic.  He is another character the public demands to see. 



 ROGER:  Page 9, panel 2. What is up with Shipwrecks pointy chin? You could slice onion's with that thing.

RON:  I have noticed some facial irregularities too. Some are not consistent with earlier pages in the book.   Perhaps because the books are getting rushed due to a quicker monthly schedule ( previously bi-monthly).  As long as the books are timely,  I will look past these art inconsistencies.





RON:   Odd image......Two rabbits, maybe?  'Nuff said.




ROGER:  Page 19, panels 3 and 4. Why is Baroness wearing an X-men uniform? I'm all for updating her look and dropping the no longer applicable Cobra emblem, but can't she shop somewhere other than Hollywood prop houses?

RON:  Perhaps she wants to keep Destro (PDD) home at nights.  She dresses up like a superhero during their "play time". 




ROGER:  Another good issue from Devils Due. Not as solid as previous issues, but better than some. Definitely a good set up for the future, but not much of a story in and of itself. It does make me fear that Josh Blaylock might be using to many sub plots for one comic. Granted there are plenty of characters to warrant it, but there may not be enough pages.

RON: Joe vs. Russian short story helped fill the book with action.  Even the crossover story of Destro vs. Cobra Commander advanced well.  This one needs some depth that one book can not hold.  Both stories made the book worth while.  As much as I like Beach Head, those 3 pages with him and the recruits seemed to slow the pace down a bit.  Until I see some of these recruits go to full G.I. Joe status, let's hope their stories stays to a minimum.  I would enjoy these guys a lot better if we at least had some more names.  Then we could start to build a character profile a cheer them on as they graduate to full fledged G.I. Joes.  A final note, here is the prelim cover I bought that was done by Mike Zeck.  It is good to see him selling his art for us to enjoy.   

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