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ROGER: Issue 6, Devil's Due has certainly redeemed themselves for the issue 5  fiasco.  Cobra is back up to par. Cobra Commander is back in charge. Though I have to question just how much time has lapsed since issue 4.

RON: I knew it.  Devil's Due would not let us down after issue 5's rush job.  The action scenes were limited, but very intense.  DD has done a good job laying some ground work for things to come.

ROGER: Storm Shadow is back. However, a lot of explanation will be needed for that to really work out. As we all know from the end of the Marvel series, all of the major Cobra characters were brainwashed back in to loyalty. But if Destro, Billy, Zartan, and the Baroness can all turn their back on Cobra in the intervening years, then what would stop one of the worlds best ninja's from following his own path. Granted, having Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow on opposing sides certainly makes for great action, tension, and plot development, but the original series made it clear that the true nature of Storm Shadow was to fight for good.




RON: I like how the Joes set a good example how they take care of each other on and off the battle field.  It add realism that does not take away from the action story.  Joes can't fight 24/7.



ROGER: Destro is back. For real this time. And they had a reasonable explanation for his recovery. Just as I suspected it was the Nano-mites.  Plus, the Nullifiers are back, and they look really cool. 

RON: You never know who will show up in a cameo appearance. Nullifiers are a strange figure to spotlight, but I liked it because I never saw them coming.

Cloud Callout:

Cloud Callout: Excellent! More practice....

Cloud Callout: ...just say the word Commander, and I will crack his skull this time!



 ROGER: Why did Storm Shadow go from one or two Cobra symbols to six? Talk  about propaganda. What better way to gain support for Cobra then to cover their greatest warrior in their logo. The out fit seems a little too utilitarian for old Johnny Storm Shadow, he usually leans toward the
traditional side.

RON: The outfit is great....but not for a ninja.  It would be best suited for Big Boa or some kind of trainer.  


ROGER: All of this outfit talk sparks a new possibility in my mind. This doesn't really belong under the Bad, it's just a theory I want to put out there, one that could explain the Bad. What if Storm Shadow is NOT Storm Shadow? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Firefly has yet to show up in this series has he.  he And even if he has, the two of them have certainly not been in the same room together. So what if it is just propaganda? What if Johnny is MIA, and Cobra Commander hired Firefly to pose as him? Firefly was trained by the same clan, and he has had 7 years to get even better at it. That would certainly explain the new look, and the return to Cobra.

RON: Great point.  I would believe that "who is in the outfit" plot even more than the one we've just seen for Destro.  Besides, Firefly has always been loyal because CC pays him very well.  This is one switch that most could not pull off....but I know Firefly could.  


RON: I can draw several similarities between issue #1 and #6,  The first story in this arc is pretty much the same basic content between the Joes and Cobra.   Especially the cobra's rallying under a leader and the Joes having financial problems from the office upstairs.  It is acceptable and expected in some way.  There has to be ground work layed out, but I hope this does not become a habit at the beginning of every story arc.  Predictable is never a good thing in an action - suspense book.


 ROGER:     Really there wasn't much bad, let alone ugly in this issue. I don't
have anything to say here but "good job Devil's Due team."

RON:  Looks like we got some space to fill.  I am more than happy to get a little dirty. :-)


RON:  Here is where I get ugly....If Hawk was killed, that would be fine with me.   I was never a huge fan of him anyways.  He would be better as a martyr like General Flagg.  I know that sounds harsh, but I bet the "big wigs" would finally grant the money the Joe team needs since they will think their heads are next to be taken off by Storm Shadow.






RON: Ok, let's flip over to page 5.   What is in this stuff?  It has a Government warning on it!!! And it states something about ..."Peyton is #1".    No wonder they want Yo Joe Cola back. This stuff will kill you.





This is the first installment of this category.  It may be a one shot, or we might integrate it into all of our reviews. 

What were Storm Shadow and Zartan thinking in these panels?  Even Miss Cleo could not read minds like this.

Cloud Callout: That Hurt...






Cloud Callout: ...On Second Thought....





ROGER:  The pace was a little slow, but it was necessary for this point in the story. Plenty of new plot lines were laid down in this issue and I think they will pay off big time in the future. I can't wait to see what develops.   The fact that Image stuck in a Super Patriot preview is encouraging. That proves there is defiantly both fan support as well as publisher support
is in place, otherwise why waist the ink and the paper. On the other hand it was Super Patriot, how many Joe fans really care about this character?   The same goes for the Autobot crossover poster. It was a very cool addition. For those of you that missed it, check out Transformers number 2 for the companion piece, a Decepticon/Cobra team up.


 RON: I was very pleased.  This comic should start to even out from here.  Its fate is no longer resting on an unsteady hand.  We know that the Joes are here to say. This will free up the DD team to tell the story without fitting in the constraints of a short series. C-ya next time!

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