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G.I. Joe #2

 by Devil's Due






ROGER: Spoiler, for those who didn't catch it! I didn't expect them to bring Billy back. I figured the rights to the character would have been Marvels.  Bravo for throwing him in to the mix. Now the questions that beg to be asked are which side will he be on this time, and what's happened to him over the years?




RON: Where is the Commander's mind?  I like the graphic transition into the dream-like world.  It brings me back Shipwrecks story to the orphan kids in the cartoon series.  They are all out to get him.  Especially his own Cobra associates.  







ROGER: Loved the fact that Torch has a stock portfolio. Who ever would have guessed?

RON: Very cool renditions of our favorite biker thugs.  I can't decide which one I like the best.  It appears these guys aged well eating doughnuts and drinking grape soda.  The Dreadnoks will have a very prominent role in the first part of the series.  It appears the Dreadnoks have grown out of control.   






RON: New Chicks!!!!  It is about time we see some new female Cobras.  The Baroness has carried the torch for too long.  Zarana did ok, but Zanya and Mistress Armada should heat things up.  Zanya is a little too snappy.  I like how Destro refers to her as a child.  Armada appears to have it together.  Destro's new General.  We all can see where this is going to end up when you mix her and the Baroness together.    





ROGER: The new Joe uniforms look great. Most are nicely updated, while keeping the feel of the original characters. Particularly Gung-Ho, and Jinx. Same goes for the new Cobra Astronaut, and the original Dreadnoks

RON: As long as I get the vintage feel, I am happy. 



 ROGER: Not much to say here. But as is common in today's comic industry, you don't get a very long story for $2.95. At least it was packed with lots of plot.

RON: I have to agree with you Roger.   Very nice issue.   The story is really developing.   I will reserve any negative thoughts till we get to The Ugly section.

ROGER: Of all the new uniforms, there are two I just don't like: Major Bludd seems too hi-tech of the character. I've always seen him as the down and dirty traditional mercenary. He looks very out of place, but at least it's better than that purple black and silver monstrosity Hasbro made. Scarlett: I liked the version on the cover of issue 1.  It's a very nice homage to the original, while giving her a much needed update. But, the version that actually appears in the comic makes her look like a dominatrix. The choker collar, and the netting across the chest have to go. This look may work for Cobra, but it's out of place on the Joe team.



ROGER: Technology run rampant. There should certainly be technological advances since the Marvel comic came to a close, but I think for the over all concept, they have goon to far:  What's up with Mainframe? He belongs in a Cyberpunk movie like Matrix, not a slightly fantastic military adventure.
Expanding net launching gauntlets?  Electro-Ink technology? Nice idea, but isn't that a few decades ahead of its time? Automatically released vitamins, and nutrients, without a needle? Sign me up for that shot!  Nano-Mites! We haven't gotten that far yet.

RON:  I am mixed on the new technology.  I did not get into the gauntlets either.  Too much in one package.  If anything, they should be bigger to accommodate SOME of the features.  I can accept the Nano-mites concept after being exposed to them by Valiant Comics in the early 90's.   A cool and mysterious new twist.   I hope they use them sparingly.   Back in 1982 with issue #3 we had tiny "bug robots".  I will accept this evolution over the last 19 years.   I will even stretch to go along with Mainframe.   We really don't get a great look at him.  I don't know if I want to.  I always thought Mainframe would revert to his love for computers since the Zarana-love-thing did not work out.    


RON: I have never been a fan of crazy sound effects expressed in words.  But almost all comics have this feature.  I am going along and enjoying a great story and  beautiful art work then  BUDDAH ~ BRAKA.   I have never heard a gun shot sound like that.   I would much rather see the artwork that was covered up than a bunch of awkward words.  If you have to spell it out, it kind of ruins the battle.  The artwork in the gun flashes speak volumes.   How come when we see Scarlett walking, we don't see CLIP ~ CLOP  as she walks in her shoes?  Because it is sound effect that is understood when you see the art.     


ROGER: The Speculations: (More spoilers for those who haven't given it much thought)
OK, so what's up with Destro? Clearly it's not the same old James McCullen Destro we all grew up with. So who could he be? Well, he's not Billy, and he's not the Destro from the '80's. He could be Darklon? He is in the family, he does have the right to take over if the old Destro steps down (or dies). He could be Fred VII trying to take Cobra over again? Firefly? Possibly. Storm Shadow? Probably not. Scrap Iron? Overlord? Night Creeper leader? All fairly hard to believe. No, I think it would have to be someone with a legitimate right to wear the mask of the Destro clan, or someone that the Baroness has schemed with before. So that leaves Fred, who I don't think is very likely, but I could see it working, Darklon, or a new Destro family member that we have yet to meet.   Could it be that James has a son? I've never seen any evidence for it, but then who knew Zartan had a daughter? In the Convention Special there are two possible hints as to the future of the Destro clan. In the Cobra Roll Call they refer to Destro as "the current Destro." While that could just mean its the same old Destro, it could also mean he's been replaced. It also refers to him as "the head of the family." So, one would have to assume that the current Destro is in fact a legitimate heir, and not some impostor. The second clue comes in the sketch book. There are several sketches for Destro's new look, but they go in two distinct directions. One is the cooler, sleeker, more physically powerful version we've seen so far. The second is an older, frailer, and perhaps more appropriate version. So who's to say that both versions don't exist? There you have it. All the Destro facts so far. It may not happen in the first story arc, but I think by the end of the first eight issues, the G.I. Joe team will have not one, but two Destro's to deal with.

RON: More action makes me happy.  More new characters means a "thumbs up" as well.   Destro sure is showing his leadership.  I think Roger is on to something.  He sure is acting out of character.  Perhaps the passage of time has made him a more desperate man to seek the power he craves.  Death brings more realism.  Finally, warm up the "Brainwave Scanner" kiddies!   We have to give Snake Eyes and Scarlett their yearly dose of mental mayhem!


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