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G.I. Joe #1

 by Devil's Due






RON : A new ninja right from the start.  Devil's Due is sticking with a fan favorite concept.  Some love ninjas, some  hate them.  They definitely add an intriguing dimension to the book.  A teaser for fans with Snake Eyes illustrated without his mask.





ROGER:  Like that new Dreadnok symbol, wish we could see it better. It's interesting how similar it is to the Cobra symbol.





ROGER: I like the fact that they will be getting ordinary troops, but I don't care for the design I've seen. I don't mind the canon fodder, but I hope they are not used as comic relief.

RON: One of the most controversial concept is realism.  Good guys should die in a fire fight like the bad guys.  Death is a part of battle and these Joe recruits have it written all over them. 




ROGER:  Destro's more forceful approach to Cobra Commander makes much more sense. He is by far the better leader, and much more honorable.

RON:  Change of command is nice.  It will give a ton of story material for Cobra.  The direction DD is going is simply brilliant!   





ROGER: I think the "black ops" angle on Duke may be a bit too heavy handed.

RON : "Black ops" seems to be a staple theme in comics today.  It is definitely a different look for our Joes compared to the old Marvel series.  The dramatic facial expressions are something we all will get use to seeing.  As long as the facial features remain constant, we will begin to love and appreciate the extra detail.  



ROGER: I would have liked to see a "happily ever after" for Snake Eyes and Scarlet, but I can accept their direction.

RON: I think this little spat will take a long time to explain.  Mainly because we will never "hear" Snake Eye's half of the story.   






ROGER: The main team is just about right, but they don't seem to have all aged the same amount.  I loved Bazooka's reaction.

RON: Bazooka has aged disproportionately to the rest of the team.  Anyone can go bald and even gray early.  But he has the "beer gut" too.   In a way, I think he should stay where he is at.  Bazooka is a liability to the team in a firefight.  Even he knows it when he asks the fitness question. 






RON: Candy is one of the commander's "companions".  In this case, Candy is not sweet.  The Commander is checking himself after this hit down stairs.  OUCH!!!



ROGER:  I don't think there was anything I actually found wrong with it, aside from being to short. I hear is was successful enough for a 2nd print, rather rare for Image these days.  Liked the over all concept.

RON: We want more!  It looks like we are going to get it.  There are plans to extend the series beyond the 4 issue test series.

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