Pre-Production vs. Production Figures.

The following descriptions and pictures illustrate the differences between what was initially created, vs. what was finally released.   All pictures are set up to show the pre-production figure on the left side. 

Wave 1.5

Big Ben: gold bullet on both straps (should be silver).





Viper: Torso and head are molded in dark gray (not bluish gray).


Mirage: His goggles are molded in green plastic (not clear plastic).


Wave 2

Dusty: no white's in the eyes.  just black paint. Also has yellow with brown camo paint added to lower leg joint which is visible from the rear.

Stalker: lower leg (calf) is light green and matches jacket (should be dark green to match pants).

Scarlett #1: "Pregnant" looking with bottom of torso fattened and extended.

Scarlett #2: "Smooth Body".  The surface of the yellow plastic on her torso and waist are smooth instead of the rough "sand blasted" texture.

Nunchuk: "Albino" like skin tone.  Light skin on entire body (should be "oriental tan" color).  Also has polished waist and upper legs (thighs) instead of dull finished plastic.


Wave 3 NOTE: Check out Toy Fare issue #63 to see more pictures of these figures.


Baroness: Has a gray body suit including arms, torso, waist and upper legs (not black).  Has paint black swipes added over the gray plastic (production has no need for swipes).  Pink/Purple hair streaks are much more apparent than even the earliest released Baroness figures. 

Beach Head: Leg camo spots are green (not brown).

Desert CLAWS, complete with accessories: - Mock up/concept.  Hasbro designers used a Wave 1 CLAWS figure with correct back pack and Uzi, but with neon red machine gun.

Flint: Has gray shirt (not black).

Snow Serpent, complete with accessories:  Reverse paint on fur all around figure (brown/white swap), White socks instead of brown. "Deluxe Paint Ops" with silver paint on: wrist buckles, ankle buckles, shoe buckles, knee pad rivets and extra paint on belt.

Stalker, complete with accessories: Similar to the variation on the Wave 2 version listed above.  The lower leg (calf) is dark green and matches jacket (should be olive green to match pants).


Wave 4

Click on pic to enlarge

Duke: Has tan elbow rivet pins (not flesh tone). Has tan biceps (not flesh tone).  The knee stems at the tops of the lower legs are not painted correctly.  They only have a light spray of green while the flesh tone plastic is still very visible.

Shipwreck #1: No black paint swipes.  blue lower bicep (not white), blue elbow rivet (not flesh tone), lighter gray pants including waist and both legs (not dark gray), no gold paint on belt buckle.

Shipwreck #2:  lighter gray pants on lower legs. No gold paint on belt buckle.


Wave 5

Plastic trays for Chief Torpedo and Burnout: No area created in the bubble tray to hold Torpedo's pistol.  Thus he is holding the pistol in had.  (Released version has recessed area in the top-middle of tray to hold gun).

Chief Torpedo:  NO MARKINGS on feet. Has flesh painted face (not molded in flesh plastic).  Chief Torpedo painted face was the only Wave 5 preproduction that didn't come out as an early release variation.  They must have stopped this flesh paint process on him first, thus stopping a final release variation. ACCESSORY VARIATIONS:  Pistol is black (not brown).  Machine gun is black (not brown). Uzi is black (not silver).
Burnout: NO MARKINGS on feet. Has silver eyes (no black pupils added). ACCESSORY VARIATIONS:  Rifle is black (not brown).  Shield and handle are black instead of brown. 

Sgt. Hacker: with painted flesh tone face. Torso webbing in blue (like the blue colored instrument molded into his right thigh).  Not dark gray like the rest of the paint mask.


Wave 8

Agent Faces, compete with accessories:  NO MARKINGS on feet.  Two distinctive panted leg garments.  Blue jeans (not black) "under pants", with gray (not black) "over pants".  Black under shirt (not white).  ACCESSORY VARIATION: Crimson Guard Commander mask has black eyebrows (not brown).

Heavy Duty, compete with accessories: Blue head bandana (not green), blue plastic arm sleeves (not green plastic) . Light green wrist webbing (not black).  Non-matching elbow flesh with light skin in bicep, and dark skin on forearm.  Light brown boots (not dark brown).

Switch Gears, complete with accessories:  NO MARKINGS on feet.   Waist plastic is tan (not yellow), Thigh plastic is tan (not yellow) Inside neck collar not painted green, left tan. GI Joe leg logo is in early position on right thigh (not left). ACCESSORY VARIATIONS:  Helmet molded in brown, not black. Hemet not painted and left brown in color, (not painted red).  Cloth face mask painted red (not gray). Face mask mold is about twice as LONG as released version.  Much more like Overkill's mask (not trimmed short).   All 4 chest plate connecting arms are slightly shorter (mold was not extended yet to have armor wrap around torso).


Wave 9

Duke: Painted face (not molded in flesh color). Light tan shoulder/torso connector pins (not dark "mustard" tan).  Light tan shoulder rivet pins (not dark "mustard" tan).  Flesh knee rivet pins (not light tan).


Special Release:

G.I. Joe Team Reservist, fan club figure: The construction is as follows: head and legs of Frostbite Version 6,  arms of Gung Ho Version 9, and torso of Duke Version 10 (late release with dark tan plastic).  HISTORY: As seen in a picture published in the Toy Fare magazine.  This figure was mixed in with several other preproduction figures and production figures.  The article was intended to illustrate the vast number of GI Joe products being produced by Hasbro at that time.   This preproduction design was scrapped in order to create the final release figure that was molded in a different green color.  Some different parts were used as well.  The change was to the torso and upper arms.  They used Wet Suit Version 7 molded parts (the lower arms remained from the Gung Ho Version 9 molds).

Image above has the 3 variations from the Sound Attach 8-pack (BJ's and other retailers) shown on top of the normal release versions

Roadblock, 8-pack version: Both waist and legs molded in light gray plastic with  medium gray swirl (not Black plastic swirl). Both torso and arms are molded in red plastic (not blue).

Fast Blast Viper, 8-pack version: Entire body molded in dark red plastic (not bright red).  Also, there is no Cobra logo on his forehead.

Firefly, 8-pack version: All body parts (except head) are molded in metallic green plastic (not red).  Flesh color on face is "ghostly white" (not normal flesh tone).

Major Storm, Operation Anaconda convention figure, complete with accessories: Head molded in normal skin tone (not pinkish tone). Pants are slightly lighter green. Shoulder and elbow rivets pins are not painted (released version has green paint applied).  Elbow rivet pins are put in reverse with the flat head facing outward (instead of inward). ACCESSORY VARIATIONS: Helmet is molded in dark green (not gold).  Gun is molded in black (not gold).



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