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A brief history of  G.I. Joes from around the world

Not just a "Real American Hero", but heroes that fight for freedom throughout the world. It is a must to keep Cobra from world domination. Below are Joes made in other countries. In 1984 Europe, specifically England, gradually phased out of their Action Man line of 3 and 3/4 figures, and stared to produce the Joes we know here in America. South American countries like Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil were also catching the fever at this time. Japan followed suit in 1986 with there own line. In 1988 fever soon spread to the middle East in India . Then China produced a line in 1989. Most of these lines lasted only a few years. India is the only foreign country to keep producing there line. 

Some of these figures are virtually identical to their American counterparts; However, some may have paint color variations. Still others are totally new Joes created exclusively for that country. Many of these foreign cards are more rare than the U.S. versions for several reasons. First, the production amount was less than the widely popular American Joes. Next, many did not foresee them as collectibles and these Joes had not been "preserved" mint in package. Most of their toys were actually opened and played with (what a new concept). Finally, the packaging is usually a thin quality card and bubble. This is common to most foreign Joes. Consequently, it is common for the these cards to warp and damage easily. To have a card in C-9 or better condition is considered extremely rare, given the nature of the quality.

 The number in parenthesis is the year of the figure was produced in the American collection. For example "Duke(84)" means that the figure mold and paint scheme resembled the release of the U.S. version in 1984.


Airborne, " Capitan Del Aire" (83) Exclusive color variation  helmet which is greenish brown.

Sgt. Slaughter, "Sgto, Slaughter" (Exclusive color variation

Doc, "Medico " (83) (Exclusive color variation) with common issue medium green stretcher  

Alpine, " Escalador De Montana (85) Exclusive color variation  where his shoulders is NOT painted black,  also his rope across his chest appears to be brown verses the yellow  U.S. version.

Blowtorch (Silver and blue version), "T.N.T." (Exclusive figure to Argentina). Primarily a Blowtorch repaint with blue yellow and silver outfit and accessories. Different pelvic piece than U.S. version. 

Blowtorch, "Lanza-Llamas " (84) Exclusively packaged with Dreadnok Torch's flame thrower, with ethnic skin tone variation.  

Cobra Eel, "Cobra Hombre-rana" (85) Exclusive Cobra symbol!    The U.S. version has only four lines in the symbol.  However, the Argentina version has the EIGHT line version, Plus no gray paint on the shoulders 

Cover Girl ( Blue color version) , "Agente Secreta" (Exclusive paint scheme to Argentina).

Crazylegs, "Comando Paracaidista" (87) Exclusive color variation on the chest body.  Its color is close to pink, and is a noticeable difference between the rest of the body's red highlights. 

Argentina Flash MOC.jpg (291992 bytes) Click on picture to enlarge.

Flash (82) With colors a slightly different shade than the U.S.  Comes with a fan club paper insert.  From the first series released in Argentina.  Hard to find on card or loose for that matter.  

Destro (83)  Argentina Destro's have a "blood red" leg holster variation, and a different pelvic piece than U.S. version. 

Quick Kick, "Sigilo" (85) Exclusive color variation with silver bracelets and pockets with brown belt .

Ripcord, "Soldado De Asalto" (Exclusive color variation


Argentina Storm Shadow site.jpg (446877 bytes) Click on picture to enlarge.

Storm Shadow, "Cobra De Hielo" This figure has a variation of  silver weapons.

Argentina Ninja Ku.jpg (449051 bytes)  Click on picture to enlarge.

Storm Shadow (African - American / Ethnic version  and black outfit), "Cobra Ninja Ku" (Exclusive to Argentina). Scarce and desirable.

Argentina Cobra Satan.jpg (489427 bytes) Click on picture to enlarge.

Storm Shadow (Red outfit), "Cobra Satan" (Exclusive to Argentina). Scarce and very desirable.

There are some RARE bubble variation which relocates the backpack from the figure compartment to the accessories bubble above.  There are also a  RARE  gold weapons variation. Satan's backpack and bow are gold.  


Ripcord (Tan version), "Soldado Halcon" (Exclusive figure to Argentina). , Primarily a Ripcord figure with tan clothing. Doc's helmet and Rock 'N Roll's gun.

Airborne with Trinchera - Argentina Exclusive Sandbag bunker made of plastic. Figure has color variations.

Sgt. Slaughter with Trinchera - Argentina Exclusive Sandbag bunker made of plastic. Figure has color variations.

Argentina Shimik signed.jpg (224577 bytes) Click on picture to enlarge. Warning: large file

Shimik - Argentina Exclusive, Rock & Roll (82) body that has an ethnic skin tone. He also has a mustache.  Shimik has been recolored in a black outfit with silver highlighs. From the impossible to find 2nd series Argentina series.  There are no known carded specimens. If you have any information on this figure, please email us EMAIL US


Argentina Topson signed.jpg (176753 bytes) Click on picture to enlarge. Warning: large file

Topson - Argentina Exclusive, Breaker (82) body that has been recolored in camouflage. From the impossible to find 2nd series Argentina series.  There are no known carded specimens. If you have any information on this figure, please email us EMAIL US



Argentina Accessories

Most of the accessories have color variations different from the U.S.!

Machine Gun Defense Unit, "Ametralladora Unidad De Defensa  "  Variation on the warning sign which is written in Spanish.

Mortar Defense unit, "Mortero Liviano Unidad De Defensa " 

Cobra Rifle Range, "Unidad De Tiro Cobra " (84) 


Cobra Ferret, "Cuadrimoto Metralla " (84) 

Bomb Disposal, "Barreminas" (85) 


Whrilwind(83) "Generacion II" and "City Toy" stickers. City Toy is the company who relabeled select items to be sold. SEALED in factory plastic! 

Pack Rat Flame Thrower, "Robot Lanza-Llamas " (83) 

Watch Tower, "Torre De Observacion " (84) Some were SEALED in factory plastic!   Artwork is altered to read Spanish writing on the watch tower itself.

Check Point, "Torre De Control " (85) Some were SEALED in factory plastic.

Cobra Adder (88) One of the few Cobra vehicles available in Argentina.

Arg Street Figt. Night landing w red var figr.jpg (615568 bytes) Click picture to enlarge

Night Landing with Edmond Honda . Check out this Argentina Exclusive.  It is Street Fighter version.  The Night Landing itself appears to be the same except for the Spanish paper stickers.  The box has the vintage 80's graphic art. The box states it has a Blanka figure enclosed. But the figures is a Edmond Honda ( Sumo Wrestler ).  He is the movie version which is the second edition of this figure  He has a blue face tattoo instead of the first edition red.  He has shorts that are white with red trim. He has black weapons. He also has a spring loaded action.  


Cover Girl, "Agente Secreta" Exclusive color variation with ethnic skin tone.

Tan Grunt, "Estopim" Ethnic skin tone, exclusive body with 1982 "wide waist" piece, and with Rock & Roll weapon

Standard Assortment - Large Back Card - 1993





Gung Ho, "Marechal - Do - Ar" Exclusive figure made from Gung Ho (88) and by using the hands from Annihilator.  There is a color variation on the missile firing backpack.  This version is the blue backpack with red missile.  Exclusive Color Variation

Hit and Run, "Alpinista" with exclusive card art,  paint job and weapons

Python Patrol Cobra Soldier, "Vibora"(89) Exclusive figure from the same mold as the Cobra Soldier (88) Color Variation.

Rampart, "Comando Rajada" with exclusive repaint and weapons.

Voltar, "Mestre Rapina" Exclusive figure from the same mold as Voltar (88) Color Variation.

Standard Assortment - Large Back Card - 1995

Dr. Mindbender, " Exclusive color variation and weapons assortment

H.E.A.T. Viper, "Raio Verde " Unique weapons to Brazil. 

Keel Haul, "Anjo Da Guarda" Exclusive color variation, and exclusive weapons assortment. No emblem/logo on back of shirt

Iceberg, "Pantano" As a Cobra Slight color variation


Animal Force - Forca Fera

Recoil, "Tigor" Major paint variation, comes with Tiger figurine.


Back Blast , "Leontor"  May be a slight color variation .  Comes with lion figurine

Repeater,  "Urzor" , as a Cobra Exclusive repaint and card art.  With ethic mustache and Bear figurine


Sonic Fighters - Large Back Cards

Scoop (Sonic Fighter),  "General Ataque" Exclusive to Brazil , with different card art, paint job and weapons. Working pack

Annihilator ( Sonic Fighter )  " Exclusive to Brazil , with different card art, and weapons and slightly different paint job due to the painted rivets. 


Force Eco - Large Back Cards


Cesspool, "Poluicao" Exclusive figure from the same mold as Cesspool (91) Exclusive Color Variation.

Maverick, "Biomassa" Exclusive figure from the same mold as Maverick (87) Exclusive Color Variation.

Sci-Fi, "Biologico" Exclusive figure made from the head of Sci-Fi (86) and by using the body from Knockdown(87) Exclusive color variation

Sneak Peek, "Biosfera" Exclusive figure from the same mold as Sneak Peek (87) Exclusive Color Variation.

Vehicles - Mint in Box

Patriot, "Escudor , (Scud) " These vehicles came from the factory with plastic wrap! Exclusive artwork.

Mobil Battle Bunker,  "Courax"  Exclusive artwork

Parasite, "Lethax " Unknown if there is a color variation.

Rage, "Furion" Should be (unconfirmed) a color variation of vehicle, with gray lower body.  Exclusive artwork 

Venezuela? - Tri-Lingual Box

Tiger Cat, Unknown origin, has Venezuela on box but appears to have English, French and Spanish writing. It is not Canadian because they have written two names "Tiger Cat" and Tiger Chat" with an extra "h" in it.




Destro (91 figure with 83 card art) He comes with a different gun that the U.S. version.

Major Bludd (exclusive body) He comes with Dodger's Gun 

Cobra Commander (83).  Comes with different gun than U.S. version.




Lady Jaye, (85) Nilco had a low production run made.  They are India ( Funskool ) exports to Egypt.  It is believed that there was only one series produced for Egypt.  It is tough to find any Nilco Joes.








Action Force

Note: It is very common for European Action Force carded figure to  have bubble damage. Similar to India and Argentina back cards that are commonly wavy. It is a normal occurrence.

Torpedo (83) French? bi-lingual card. 

Baroness (84) French? bi-lingual card. 

Blowtorch (84) French? bi-lingual card.

Scarlett (83) England, bi-lingual card. 

Duke (84) French? bi-lingual card. 

Duke (84) French? bi-lingual card. 

Cobra Commander (83) Bubble damage with 2 guns ( Major Bludd's gun is extra) 

Ripcord (84) French? bi-lingual card. 

Some from this series have been modified to fit the " WEAPONS REALLY SHOOT theme!

Sci-Fi (91) 

Lowlight (91) ( added Russian rocket launcher ) 
Incinerators (91) 
Desert Scorpion (91)( new art and weapons )

European Accessories

Z Force Rapid Fire Motorcycle + Quarrel "Repainted RAM motorcycle with repaint Scarlett (82 and 83) Box appears to have four languages on it. Exclusive repaint to Europe! Extremely hard to find in the box.

actionskys.gif (83965 bytes)  Click on picture to enlarge

Skystriker (XP-14F) Combat Jet with Ace Pilot (84) One of the all-time great toy replicas of the F-14 Tomcat.


Zartan with Swamp Skier (84) RARE photo box! The FIRST issue of the box. Very different from the second version that is similar to the American illustrated version.









Viper (86)  
Outback (87) ( with Super Trooper offer )
Iron Grenadier (88)
Charbroil (88)



NOTE : All India cards are wavy due to a thin card stock . Most cards DO NOT have creases due to there flexibility.

india barbecue both versions.jpg (390696 bytes) Click on picture to enlarge.

Barbecue ( late production with ax in weapons bubble and early production with ax in figure bubble ) (85) color variation of blue suit highlights, cream color face mask, silver mask and foam gun, red tanks and yellow backpack.



Baroness (84) possibly a skin tone variation.  Otherwise looks like the U.S. version.






Beach Head (86) These are the 2002 re-issue of Beach Head.  He originally came out almost a decade ago from India Funskool.  Sample version has black eyes, carded had brown eyes.  Sample has dark blue leg camo, carded one has greenish-blue camo.


VARIATIONS: Two variations that were produced for the 2002 release. Bagged vs. Carded

(1) Bagged Sample version has black eyes, Carded Sample had brown eyes.

(2)   Bagged Sample with overall darker legs, compared to the lighter legs of the Carded Sample.

(3) Bagged Sample has the waist and leg camo match color (dark blue leg camo).  Carded sample has the same dark blue camo on the waist peice, but the legs have a different camo color!  The legs are greenish-blue camo.  For some reason, the variation is not visible in the scan, but there is a very noticeable a variation.

Big Boa (88) Exclusive color variation. Spikes are black, and head is completely aluminum is color( the closest description is like a dull Destro helmet.  Also no symbol on boxing gloves.

Blaster (87) Exclusive color variation that looks very similar to the U.S.  Blaster has Blue right glove, no left glove, brown and black boots and chest plate.  He also has a backpack and huge machine gun. 

Blocker (88) Exclusive color variation with the brown replaced by orange.  Also comes with a back pack and machete.  All new card art!

Budo (88) (Exclusive color variation).

India Cobra Commander.jpg (277567 bytes)

Cobra Commander (91) (Exclusive color variation). No black paint on shoulders, lower abdomen, waist, and gun holsters. No Cobra logo on chest. All new card art!

countdown_india.jpg (10843 bytes)

Countdown (93) Blue outfit seems a slightly darker than U.S. version.

Croc Master (87) Exclusive symbol variation.  Green body appears to be a different shade of color.

Cutter (92) (Exclusive color variation, light blue pants and different color accessories) This figure has an exclusive card artwork illustration.

Deep Six (89) (Exclusive color variation).

Dial Tone (94) Black hair and brown mustache and eyes.  Blue vest, Green undershirt and chest device, brown left leg device. Rocket launcher is red and weapons are green.

Dodger India variations.jpg (490899 bytes) Click on picture to enlarge.

Dodger, mint on card (87)(Exclusive color variation).

Dodger, mint in bag (see pic above), (87) (Exclusive color variation)... The forearms are totally different on this version.  Especially notice his right arm is missing the arm band!  The just his forearm molds matches Mainframe.  But Mainframes upper arms have shirt sleeves, this one has bare upper arms!  Also, notice the color is different between the two versions of gloves.  The only one we have seen. 

Flint (85) (Exclusive color variation).

General Flagg (92) Exclusive black hair color variation, and bronze color jacket and hat, also accessory variation  Finally this figure has an exclusive card artwork illustration.

Grid-Iron (90) Exclusive black hair color variation. Figure looks very close to the American card art,  unlike the U.S. figure.  Yellow is replacing the green in his arms and boots. Weapons are all different in color from the U.S. version.

 India Carded Gung Ho..................India Factory Sealed "Reveres Tattoo" Gung Ho..............U.S. version loose Gung Ho

Gung Ho (83) (Exclusive illustration of Gung Ho) Belt buckle and boots are light gray instead of the dark gray U.S. version.  Black grenade shells on leg  instead of gray. 

Gung Ho (83) (Exclusive and RARE paint scheme) MIP, SEALED IN FACTORY BAG with belt. REVERSE LOGO , logo is about 30% smaller than any other version.  The land on his world tattoo  is colored blue and the sea is left skin color.  The colors are  reverse in all other versions around the world.  Belt buckle is dark gray like the U.S. version  but the boots are light gray instead of the dark gray U.S. version.  (Notice the contrast in the carded listing regarding the light gray buckle)  Black grenade shells on leg instead of gray.  The grenades and areas on his "Camouflage style " pants are a light green instead of a dark green color.   Light brown mustache, eyes and eyebrows verses the dark brown (or black) versions.  Marking read, " Made in India  Funskool" .  Only one we have ever seen like it.

Hydro-Viper (88) Almost identical to U.S. but has a darker purple suit and no emblem on arm.  Helmet is all red in color..

India Iceberg green glove black goggles.jpg (281509 bytes) Click on picture to enlarge.

Iceberg (86) (Exclusive color variation) WHITE SKIN VERSION with green gloves and black goggles.

Lifeline, Tiger Force, Version 1(88) Exclusive color variation, version 1 with yellow shirt and arms.

Lifeline, Tiger Force, Version 2 (88) Exclusive color variation, version 2 with green shirt ( vest ) and  yellow arms.

Mercer (91) At a glace, Mercer appears the same as the U.S. version.  These are the small variation. Black hair instead of brown, no gloves instead of black gloves, no red strap across shoulders, no silver on left rib area, all red belt, blue leg gun straps and black boot knife straps.

Mainframe (86) The only variation is a gray color microphone.  Otherwise it looks all original.

Muskrat (88) (Exclusive color variation).

india night viper.jpg (280174 bytes) Click on picture to enlarge.

Night Viper (89) Exclusive symbol variation and accessory colors. There are at least 2 different color back packs seen. One version is yellow and the above version is orange.

Ozone (93) (Exclusive color variation) .

Quick Kick (85) (Exclusive color variation).

Roadblock (93) (Exclusive accessory and color variation) Rock 'n Roll's (90) gun and back pack.

Road Pig (88)  Exclusive variation.  Thicker red color hair line , and figure has no tattoo .

India Rock & Roll sonic.jpg (325039 bytes) Click on picture to enlarge.

Rock 'N Roll "Sonic Fighters"(91) Exclusive color variation of  red chest straps, a brown machine gun , a brown rifle (not available in the U.S. version  Sonic Fighter), a brown cannon, a green stand (that attached to the backpack), and a green sonic backpack.)  The backpack is not made to produce sound.

Sci-Fi (93)  Exclusive color variation only to India.  With different color Backpack, belt, and chest grenades.

Sky Diver (87 body to Crazy Legs) Exclusive color variation only to India.  Comes with a parachute, similar to the one issued in 1983 but it has its own unique color scheme.

Spearhead and Max, "Night Force outfit" (89) Figure resembles the Night Force version and has Blue boots and belt variation.  Weapons have a color variation as well.  Max has orange color coat.

india storm shadow.jpg (265313 bytes) Click on picture to enlarge.

Storm Shadow (88) Surprisingly no variation on this figure. Looks exactly like the American version.


Super Cops  These figures were release either carded by itself or sold with boxed set of  4 vehicles.  Body construction is made of a Sgt. Slaughter head and most of the body is from the 86 Hawk.  The arms are not yet identified.   There are few variations.  Two different waist pieces were used and the blue is either medium blue, dark blue or mixed.  Out of these 4, no two were alike mainly due to the blue color variations.

T.A.R.G.A.T. (93) Exclusive color variation.  Gold is replaced by bronze and Orange is replaced by yellow.  Accessories has a color variation as well .

Toxo-Viper (88) Version 1 Exclusive color variation, version 1 has "Dark Blood Red" and gloves and green backpack.

Toxo-Viper (88) Version 2 Exclusive color variation, version 2 has  standard red gloves and green backpack.

Tunnel Rat (90) Exclusive color variation.  Red shirt and brown pants.  Plus a brown Night Vipers' backpack.

Tracker  (92) Version 1 Exclusive weapons variation with yellow gun and oars, plus boat is light blue.  Both versions have black hair color variation as well as shirt and pants.  Also, this figure has an exclusive card artwork illustration.

Tracker  (92) Version 2 Exclusive weapons variation with orange gun and oars, plus boat is dark blue.  Both versions have black hair color variation as well as shirt and pants.  Also this figure has an exclusive card artwork illustration..

Zap (83)..Exclusive color variation.  His green outfit is a different shade.




India Accessories

Artic Blast with Ripper (85) Cobra figure (color variation: darker blue pants) 

Cobra F.A.N.G.(83) C9 Glossy box looks awesome.   The quality is better than the U.S. model due to the nice finish.  

Cobra Imp (88) C9 Glossy box.  Red color variation!.

Cobra Hovercraft - Battlefield Robot series with Hydro Viper figure.

Darklon's Evader with Crazy Legs figure.

MRF Racing Jeep (82 style VAMP) Basically a red and white VAMP jeep.  It is not a military vehicle.  It is used for racing.  The gun is replaced with a spare tire.

Skystriker (83) One of the all-time great toy replicas of the F-14 Tomcat. Has black tail fins instead of white.  Other variations exist as well.

Stalker Jet (?)  It includes a special diver that is not normally considered to  be a driver.  Airtight is included with the figure and is illustrated on the package art.

Street Hawk  Version 1 Black repainted RAM motorcycle (82).  The figures is an 1983 Snake Eyes with silver paint highlights.

India_Street_Hawk.jpg (193494 bytes) Click on picture to enlarge.

Street Hawk II Version 2 Black repainted RAM motorcycle (82).  The figure is made from a Spearhead body (88) and a T.A.R.G.A.T.(88)  head painted black and silver   ( pictured above) 

Street Hawk III Version 3 Black repainted RAM motorcycle (82).  The figure is made from  T.A.R.G.A.T.(88) only.  Nothing of Spearhead.  Very cool toy. 


All the Japanese packaging graphics have a very appealing "techo-graphic" art.  

Baroness(84) Major Bludd(83)   Rock & Roll(83) 

Torpedo(83). Snow Job(83). Trip Wire(83) Scarlett (83)

Ripper(85) Cobra Commander(83) Torch(85)


VAMP Mark I (82) with Clutch (84). The interesting thing is that it is the FIRST version of the Vamp; However, it is boxed with the SECOND version of Clutch. The green version of the Vamp and the Tan version of Clutch.


Early to mid 80's foreign Joes.  The only ones with a shadow box style container.  Very cool and very rare!


Flash (82) Straight Arm body with a slight color variation.

Stalker (82) Straight Arm body with a slight color variation.

Snake Eyes (82) Straight Arm body with '85 picture on box.

Recondo (84) with a slight color variation.

Rock & Roll (82) Straight Arm body with a slight color variation.

Storm Shadow (84)

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