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Clear Shot

Created by Sergio Henrique Guilhem Rosa



Designer's Notes:

Man, thanks a lot for posting my custom of Clear Shot.   I've worked in this concept for 2 years, I've done 3 kinds of "guihillie suits" but the one I've liked most was this one.  I love snipers. The sniper is the real warrior, "One Shot One Kill" it is all that takes!!!!!  Have you ever saw the movie Snipers with" Tom Berenger "?  That movie really rox. The figure head is Bullhorn 1990.  What I've used to do the "Guihillie Suit" (I don't know the name in English,) is called "meia calca".  It  translates  in a rude manner "pents socks".  A kind of socks that woman uses to cover the entire legs.  There are various colors, like tan, black, and red and grey and so on, I've used  a green one.  The gun is Gnawgahyde's sniper rifle a .50 one.  I'm working in a resin made gun a Barret L82A1 the .50 semi automatic.  I hope you like.


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