Star Wars Action Fleet brings to you a new world of excitement.  Thanks to this smaller size, it allows for some new Star Wars figures, vehicles and playsets never made before.  All items have never been taken out of the package ( mint in package).

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Action Fleet Vehicle Collections:                                   Price Each:                                   Quantities:
Imperial AT-AT ( Remote Control -  Kay Bee Exc.)  19.99                                             2

Vader's Tie (with 2 figures)                                      13.99                                            1

Tie Interceptor (with 2 figures)                                  17.99                                           1

Slave 1 (w/ Boba Fett and Han in Carbonite               17.99                                          1

Tie Fighter (with 2 figures)                                        16.99                                           2

2 vehicles in 1 box. Each box has a standard vehicle from the movie and a prototype vehicle too!

Series Alpha Vehicles:                    Price Each:             Quantities:
Twin-Pod Cloud Car                             18.99                           1
X-wing Starfighter                                18.99                            1

Action Fleet Vehicles with Light and Sounds from the Movies!

Action Fleet - Flight Control Vehicles:                    Price Each:             Quantities:
Darth Vader's Tie Fighter                                              18.99                           1
Luke's X-wing Starfighter                                              18.99                            1

Action Fleet - Episode 1 Pod Racers Vehicles:                                                      Price Each:             Quantities:
Anikin's Podracer (w/ Anikin figure)                                                                                             18.99                           1
Gasgano's TURBO Podracer (Turbo sound, Sparking Action and rockets over 25 feet)                     18.99                           1

Ody Mandrell's TURBO Podracer (w/ Turbo sound, Sparking Action and rockets over 25 feet)           18.99                           1



Large Playsets:                                                                                                                    Price Each:         Quantities:
Millennium Falcon / Command Center. It too is very big                                                                  41.99                     1

Yavin Rebel Base w/ large battle damaged X-wing, Sentry, R2, Cerem. Luke, Han, and Leia               34.99                    2

Troop Figure Packs:                    Price Each:             Quantities:
Imperial Pilots                                5.99                        1

Jawas                                            7.99                        2

Rebel Pilots                                    5.99                        1

Tuskin Raiders                                6.99                        SOLD OUT

Battle Packs:                                                                                                     Price Each:      Quantities Available:

Imperial Endor Pursuit  (w/ AT-ST, 2 Speeder Bikes and figures)                                   23.99                          1

Standard Action Fleet Playsets:                                                                       Price Each:             Quantities:

Death Star with X-Wing fighter and 5 figurines                                                           17.99                        1

Hoth, Ice planet with AT-AT and 5 figurines                                                               18.99                       1

Pod Racer Hanger Bay (goes great with your Pod Racers!)                                         18.99                       1

Mini Action Fleet Playsets:                                                Price Each:             Quantities:

STAP Invasion (with 3 figures                                                 7.99                               1

Destroyer Droid Ambush  (with 3 figures)                               7.99                                1

Gungan Assult (with figures and accessories)                           7.99                               1

Sith Pursuit (with Darth Maul and Vehicle & Qui Gon Jin)       9.99                                1

Transforming Action Sets (Helmets & Vehicles transform into playsets!)

 Transforming Action Sets:                                                                                                              Price Each:             Quantities:

Storm Trooper helmet transforms into Death Star Playset  (w/ Vader Tie and figures)                                19.99                             1

Tie Fighter Pilot helmet transforms into Academy playset (w/ Tie Intercepter, X-Wing and figures)              18.99                            1

R2- D2 transforms into Jabba's Palace ( w/Jabba's skiff and figures)                                                           19.99                            1

Boba Fett Helmet transforms into Cloud City playset (w/Cloud Car and figures)                                          22.99                           1

Royal Guard helmet transforms into Death Star II playset (w/ Imperial Shuttle and figures)                            19.99                          1

Darth Vader helmet transforms into Bespin playset  (w/ Slave 1 ship and figures)                                          21.99                          1

Lukeís Binoculars transformers into Yavin Rebel Base (w/ Battle damaged Y-wing and figures)                    14.99                          1

Vaderís Lightsaber transformers into Death Star Trench (w/ Red X-wing and figures)                                   10.99                           1

Jar Jar Binks transforms into Naboo playset (w/ Trade Federation Tank and figures)                                       9.99                           1

Battle Droid head tranforms into Trade Federation Droid Control Ship (w/ Naboo Fighter and figures)          15.99                           1

Transforming Head 3-Packs :                                           Price Each:             Quantities:

Bib Fortuna, Mos Eisley Musician, and Biker Scout                   6.99                             1

Greedo, ? and Sand Person                                                     6.99                             1            

Vehicle Multi-Packs:                                                                                             Price Each:             Quantities:

Pod Racer 2 pack #1( Anakin's included)                                                                     5.99                         1

Pod Racer 2 pack #4                                                                                                   5.99                         1

Star Wars 3 Pack (Millinan Falcon, Star Destroyer and X-Wing)                                  9.99                         1 

Empire Strikes Back 3-Pack (AT-AT, Snow Speeder, and Tie Fighter)                         9.99                         1

Shadows of the Empire #1                                                                                             6.99                         1

Shadows of the Empire #3                                                                                             6.99                         1

 Epic Novel (Rare!  with 3 Vehicles and figures)                                                             12.99                       1  

Die Cast Vehicle Collectibles:                     Price Each:             Quantities:

Sand Crawler                                                     6.99                         1

Tie Fighter                                                         7.99                         1  

Y-Wing Fighter                                                  7.99                         1  

X-Wing Fighter                                                  7.99                         1  



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