Comic Art

We carry original inked art in stock.  Please contact us for availability. The  pages below are one of a kind sets.  They were used in the actual production of the G.I. Joe 3-D comic book. You get two large 11" x 17" pieces. These are not the inked art, they were produced directly from the inked art. They are called Mechanical Pages.  Each of the 2 pages are slightly different in order to create the illusion of 3-D. The art is shifted right or left to create depth. Each one of a kind set consist of a "blue version" and a "red version" for each comic page.  All pages are from,

G.I. Joe 3-D #6 


Page 1, Title page, "On patrol in Afghanistan" ...79.99


Page 2,  "An attack of a different kind"....44.99


  Page 3, "The weapon is a success"... 44.99



Page 4, "A plea for help", featuring Hawk...44.99



Page 5, "Getting chewed out", featuring Hawk...49.99



Page 6, "Joes off to Afghanistan", featuring Hawk ...49.99



Page 10, "Lifeline won't use guns, but will use grenades!", featuring Dusty, Lifeline and the Tiger Force Sting...74.99



Page 11,  "Soviet reinforcements in coming" featuring the Tiger Sting ...59.99


Page 19, "Mounting an attack"...44.99



Page 27, "Gotta hold on", featuring Dusty...59.99



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