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English - European Cards In The package


Action Man - Early Release

Note: It is very common for European Action Force carded figure to  have bubble damage. Similar to India and Argentina back cards that are commonly wavy. It is a normal occurrence.

Torpedo (83)(C8) French? bi-lingual card. two very minor crease, four bubble ding, Unpunched !...39.99 

Baroness (84)(C8) French? bi-lingual card. one crease, two bubble dings...129.99

Blowtorch (84)(C8.5) French? bi-lingual card. two very minor crease, one bubble ding, Unpunched !...39.99

Ripcord (84)(C8.5) French? bi-lingual card. two minor bubble dents. Unpunched !...39.99


G.I. Joe Logo - Late Release


91 Sci-Fi C9...19.99
91 Lowlight ( added Russian rocket launcher ) C9.2...24.99 SOLD OUT
91 Incinerators C9.5...25.99
91 Desert Scorpion ( new art and weapons ) C9.5...29.99   SOLD OUT



European Accessories

Z Force Rapid Fire Motorcycle + Quarrel "Repainted RAM motorcycle with repaint Scarlett (82 and 83)(C9.8) Box is like new from the factory. It was actually taken from a case in 1999. The only age is shown by the yellowing tape. Box appears to have four languages on it. Exclusive repaint to Europe! Extremely rare and almost unheard of in this condition...399.99 (no discount available on this item)

Zartan with Swamp Skier(84) RARE photo box! The FIRST issue of the box. Very different from the second version that is similar to the American illustrated version...319.99(no discount available on this item)



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