Loose International figures are a great way to start your International Joe collection.

Loose International G.I. Joes

Loose Argentina G.I. Joes

loose brazil and arg markings2.jpg (289296 bytes)How can you tell the difference between a U.S. version, and an International version? Many of the Argentina figures have the words "Made in Hong Kong" covered over in production.  Most of the early figures are also missing the copyright date.  Thus, there are no markings at all. A possible reason was to avoid companies paying import/export duties.  Argentina and Brazil were two major countries that produced figures and vehicles.  There are a few ways to tell the difference between the two countries. Notice the example pictures.  The Left figure is a Brazil figure with the word "ESTRELA" across his shoulders. The Argentina figure on the right has the markings covered in the production mold.  Both figures have the words " Made in Hong Kong" covered across the waist piece. 

Quick Kick (not pictured) with black back pack and nun chucks ( American gray back pack picture for contrast) ( C7 figure that should be a C9, but there are some irregularities in the mold of his arms. color variation : silver bracelets, brown belt, silver pouches on belt.  "Made in Hong Kong" words were covered ..11.99

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Tan Ripcord
Tan Grunt
Quick Kick
Invasor Snake Eyes (parts)
Topson (parts)

Loose Brazil G.I. Joes

#1  #2  #3 
#1  #2  #3 

Please use the prices below for each numbered figure in the images.  Due to the De Aco's rarity and higher values,  we have large pictures so you see exactly what you get. Click to enlarge the pictures.   If you need larger scan, just ask an we will help you. 

De Aco #1 ..109.99

De Aco #2 ...99.99

De Aco #3 ...84.99

Volanter / Blocker, ( C8) Part of the Forca 2000 aka Battleforce 2000. It is unknown if there is a color variation.  Possibly the brown is a different shade..8.99

Barbecue ( C1 , would be C9 if not for a broken hand)  Unknown if a paint variation exist...3.99

Sgt. Slaughter, Slaughter's Marauders,  Missing baton.  Does not appear to have any color variations. But the file card sure does.....16.99 






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