Bagged India Figures starting from 99

T.N.T. is offering a wide variety of factory mint-in-bag figures made in India.  We have pictures to show you exactly how these are packaged.   Some figures even have variations to the normal carded figures!  The figures below are broken down into 4 different pricing groups.  The price listed at the top of each group is for each individual figure in the group.  This way you can buy however many figures you want.  Go ahead and start building your army today!

99   each figure in group #1    99

Muskrat: Another solid figure that is painted virtually identical to the American release. Tracker: Exclusive Black hair and outfit makes him look like a totally new character!


Road Pig: A great way to get a classic looking figure


Zartan: It's one of the oldest molds still in use.  Has has cool variant eyes.


Major Bludd: This  Bludd figure is modeled after the 2000/01 American release. Road Block: Virtually no color variations to the '92 American release design.  Finally a Roadblock mold with some muscle!


$1.99  each figure in group #2   $1.99

Big Brawler: First production run.  Most India figures develop variations over time like Ripper has.    Be sure to get the very first version of this India exclusive.

Tunnel Rat: He has an exclusive painted outfit and comes with the trademark face paint.


Wild Weasel / "Rattler-Viper?": There's only one Wild Weasel, but he needs a Viper flight crew. Exclusive arm construction & color variations.


Buzzer: Looks close to the original, with some minor color variations.



"Night Force" Spearhead: Makes a great substitute for the expensive American version.


$2.50  each figure in group #3   $2.50

Ripper:  The latest and maybe last color variation.  Shirt and pants differ a shade from the carded version. Zarana: One of the few female figures released.  Exclusive color shade variations.


T.A.R.G.A.T.: He has cool bronze outfit that is exclusive to India.


Hydro-Viper: Also known as "Deep Demon". This troop looks very close to his American counterpart.


Storm Shadow: Virtually no variations, but his arm bars on his Tattoo are in reverse order.



Figures in group #4 are priced as marked.

Beach Head: Out of production! The latest and possible last variation. Camo, undershirt and elbow rivets have color shade variations to the carded version2.99 each Night Viper: The classic colored night trooper perfect for building your Cobra  army. 4.99 each


Flint: Out of Production, & Unique Construction! This bagged variation comes with Blocker's upper arms which are different from the carded version. 3.99 each Crimson Guard Immortal: The classic colored trooper perfect for building your Cobra  army. 6.50 each


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 * 1 to 3 figures : 1st Class/Parcel Post Mail - $2.95  or  Priority Mail - $4.95

 * 4 to 6 figures : 1st Class/Parcel Post Mail - $3.35  or  Priority Mail - $4.95
 * 7 to 9 figures : 1st Class/Parcel Post Mail - $3.95  or  Priority Mail - $5.95
 * 10-12 figures : 1st Class/Parcel Post Mail - $4.25  or  Priority Mail - $5.95
 * 13 or more figures Contact Us

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