Starting production in 1989, China finally got into making G.I. Joes for distribution inside there country.  China released original molds of figures ranging from 1983 to the early 1990's.  They had an exclusive mix of figures available.  They even produced a couple of exclusives mold combinations.  See Major Bludd.  The package and figure quality is comparable to the figures release in the U.S.



Major Bludd (exclusive body)...24.99

Trip Wire (83)...36.99

Dial Tone...23.99

Life Line...23.99

Flint (88 - Tiger Force, exclusive body)...32.99

Roadblock (88 - Tiger Force)...23.99

  Banzai (C9)...14.99

Bushido (C9)..13.99

Night Creeper (C9)...14.99

Slice (C9)...18.99

Zartan (C9)...23.99




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